An excellent fishing boat, fishing up to 4 but 2 or 3 comfortably, with a good size cabin to get out of the weather and still plenty of room to fish. The engine has done almost 700 hours (100 per year) and has a full service history, serviced and ant fouled spring 08, an excellent runner and very quiet.
Long line commercial fishing vessel, built circa 1997 by Matthew Bayles in Bridport, Tasmania.
1x 8 man RFD, 8 Lifejackets, lifebouys and lights, rockets and flares, first aid kit, EPIRB.

This boat can be Coast Guard certified for carrying passengers or charter fishing or just for pleasure.
Viking Yachts, based in New Gretna, NJ, constructs sea-going craft that are investments in the future.Always on the cutting edge of marine construction, Viking's current line of sport fishing boats are stronger and faster than their predecessors, thanks to resin infusion instead of open mold construction. These sports craft feature state-of-the-art engines, electrical systems and many different luxurious features that make them as comfortable bellow deck as they are above.Viking's mid-sized sport fishing boats run in length from 42 to 52 feet and come in open or sport yacht designs. It's fast and stable design make it great for off shore fishing or just cruising around in the harbor.

The company's smaller open bridge convertible and closed bridge convertible models are also popular amongst anglers who are as serious about their boat's performance as they are about their own comfort.Every sport fishing boat built by the company gets the Viking difference with the incorporation of features such as powder-coated structural steel engine beds, hull-side mounted ventilation and underwater exhaust systems, along with finely crafted cabinetry and luxurious interiors.

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