Traditional backcountry skiff, custom built for taking up to 2 anglers deep in the backcountry.
The perfect boat for sneaking up on laid up tarpon in the backcountry and tailing redfish in the cooler months.
Custom Built Fishing Boats, by definition, are built to a particular specification, and initially that specification was created by Robbie, David and Gunner Gause, as the boat was being built for their own use. Gause Built Custom Boats was established and production of a 26 foot custom fishing boat designed to float and run in less than a foot of water was begun.
Over a decade ago, Gause Built Boats created one of the most innovative fishing boats available, …at the time. I added two sets of spray rails to the Spector to keep the customers as dry as a flats boat can provide. The Spector has a 20-gallon lighted live-well and a 30-gallon live-well located centerline for maximum stability while live baiting and live chumming.
Are you coming to the Miami International Boat Show and want to experience fishing Biscayne Bay? We have the largest print-on-demand fulfillment network in the world with 15 manufacturing centers in five different countries.

If you can't find the answers to your question on our FAQ page, please submit a support ticket, and our staff will respond to your question(s) right away. Soon after they had completed that first boat they discovered that there were other anglers interested in owning a boat like this, and a decision was made to meet that demand.
The boat was built with a tower, for better fishing visibility, a hull shape designed to promote a smooth, dry ride, a bait well integrated into the transom of the boat and many more features which the Gause Family had come to expect after many generations of fishing and using boats.
Each model reflects the commitment to design excellence, usability and beauty that Gause Built Custom Boats has become known for.
The action has been great for both big tarpon off the beaches and small tarpon in the backcountry. This boat has a 76lb Minkota Autopilot for chasing down Monster Permit or holding us in the current for Night Tarpon. It has an a GPS guided anchor lock that allows you to hold spots for shallow water wreck fishing, night tarpon at the bridges and anything you can think. Book today and join me for a few hours to catch Bonefish, Permit, Tarpon, Sharks on the flats and more. Years of modifying, improving and rebuilding a variety of fishing boats finally led to a decision to design and build a custom fishing boat for themselves which would satisfy all their requirements and be lacking in no essential detail.

Most of the fish have been taken on thread herring fished under a cork or sight casted in front of a school.
Not only that but it allows us to track three 2-mile fishing areas and auto pilot through them so there is nothing to worry about but putting your lure in the perfect spot. One set of rails was added by the factory and the other was an add on from The Smart Rail Company and is located 1 inch under the waterline.
The fish in the gulf have been 70+ pounds and the backwater fish have topped out at about 25 lbs. This rail not only kept the boat stealth quiet but it actually funnels the water back (while poling) through a grove that has cut the pressure wake? typically associated with flats boats in half allowing us to get even closer to the fish. This meant that each boat would need to be built to satisfy the requirements of the individual client, rigged and outfitted so that, for that client, it was lacking in no essential detail.

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