Many avid boaters try to keep up on the latest safety issues related to their favorite water sport, but what about boat trailer safety? Please no link dropping, no keywords or domains as names; do not spam, and do not advertise!
Get on the list and receive a lot full of auto reviews, reports, new technology, events, etc. Outboard Honda motor 9.9 Four stroke electric start used maybe 10 Hours, 2000 Model nearly new condition with 3 amp Charging system and portable fuel tank.
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Boat Owners Notes for 1985 Tiara Continental 2700 Call Boat Owner Mayo Sommermeyer () or Barbara Sommermeyer (). For big dolphin, we’re taught to look for one or two frigatebirds low on the water, and often moving against the current.
That’s exactly how Allen, who’s fished in The Keys for 30 years, came upon his 70-pounder last spring.
To get that fish, Allen knew that he could not let it sound or risk breaking it off in trying to raise it, so each time it started down, he’d back the boat and put slack in the line to take the pressure off it.
Good conditions for the bigger fish are the same as for the smaller dolphin: They’re oriented around currents, and they like good clear blue water of 72 to 78 degrees, whether that’s the Gulf Stream or the Loop Current or one of their eddies, plentiful bait, and structure above—weeds or flotsam, or below—seamounts, ridges and the dropoffs at the Continental shelf. In what depths the fish might be traveling varies day to day, depending on where the currents move, carry bait and hit the local reef’s edges or bottom structure.
Come to think of it, every time I’ve been aboard with a big dolphin caught trolling, it’s hit the largest lure or bait in the spread. Sure, big bull and cow dolphin chase baits to the surface where frigates tip you off to their presence, but like smart snappers and big kings at oil rigs in the Gulf, big dolphin will often lurk below the feeding frenzy of schoolie dolphin above, picking off pieces here and there, and waiting for their best moments to strike a weak fish.  Moreover, they spend more time deep than most anglers suspect—often at depths of 400 feet, feeding at night, and on baitfish schools that never surface.

Every year for the last decade, Kevin Colston from Kentucky has towed his 24-foot Triton down to Islamorada for a month of fishing, where he’s stayed at La Siesta Resort, one of a number of operations that have boat dockage and ramps in the area. Colston advices those interested in the trip to “make sure you find a place that has good dockage, with good deep water in and out, because it can be treacherous navigating in The Keys, especially if you’re not familiar with the waters. La Siesta’s accommodations have different floor plans and layouts, though every one of them has a kitchen, either a full kitchen or an efficiency. Many principals of keeping your trailer safe may be overlooked, so here are some tips on how to keep your fishing rig safe when it’s on the road. Tires need to be inspected before and after each trip, and inflated to proper level, which is usually around 50 PSI. The fight took 45 minutes, and “it was still pretty green when we gaffed it and landed it,” Allen said.
Where and when those conditions exist, you might find the bigger fish—not so much as a factor of the time of year.
So always get an idea of the depths where the fish were the day before—and completely forget about it.  Listen on the VHF radio for where they are that day, and keep your eyes open. Allen has a few good strategies.  He’ll run teasers, fast, and big horse ballyhoo, about 12 knots. Often times anglers won’t even drop baits down deep enough to check for the presence of bigger fish, but that’s missing big opportunities, especially around structure found floating, like weeds or debris. Starting about in May, we’ll get a run of decent ones, typically chasing flying fish, indicated by frigate birds, typically not too far out, in 200 to 500 feet of water, which here is about 4 to 6 miles out off the beach,” Thomas says. They also have a bayside marina on the Gulfside, with 21 slips, that caters to transient boats up to 45-foot in length.
Before booking, be sure to check that the hotel’s docks and ramps will accommodate your boat.

It’s important to carry a spare, along with a working jack for your trailer at all times, just like you do for your car.
That schoolie you have staked off the bow to keep the school by you?  You’d better be prepared for the bigger bull to come up and take it. On the flatlines, for the bigger fish, I’ll use a horse ballyhoo on a bigger softhead lure with the same color as the teaser ahead of it, and on the other side, I look for a dolphin-color teaser, green yellow, and behind it a horse bally with the same color head. The Gulfside marina has water and showers and electricity and a shop with live and frozen baits and ninety octane, no-ethanol fuel. Two speed winch and yellow HD strap.GVW xxxx, weight 800 lbs, net capacity xxxx lbs, boat length 22-24 ft, tire size 14"HOLIDAY SPECIAL!!
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In the summertime, the dolphin around here will be out in the deeper water, in the current, and when we troll against the current, I’ll slow down my trolling speed a bit, then with the current, I’ll speed it up a bit.
Note: The best clue that your bearings need some attention is when the hubs get unusually hot to the touch.
It is important to inspect your axle frequently for rust or corrosion whether you have a standard leaf-spring mounted axle or a torsion axle. The annual membership fee is only $14 and the association membership is a one-time fee of $24. The roadside service program will not only tow you up to 100 miles in the misfortunate event of a trailer or vehicle breakdown, it also offers assistance for flat tires, lock-out service, and ramp-winching.

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