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I know, technically this doesn't belong on this forum but I thought those that enjoyed my other build threads might get a kick out of this.
So anyway I thought I'd have some fun & scratch build myself an airboat from crashed plane parts. This boat may see some service as a rescue boat for downed seaplanes so I want to be able to reverse to make that job easier. As she's only a baby airboat, I'm using 5mm DollarTree foam-board for the majority of this build.

I raced Dumas Swap boats in the 70's, I found this little addition will make it handle MUCH better. Yes a prop-guard would make sense for a rescue boat, pretty sure most folks don't want you chewing up their plane with the prop. The idea being this is used only when needed, the rest of the time she's a regular airboat. I'm thinking with that setup, I can probably get away without needing a prop guard, maybe *shrug*.
I know airboats can be pretty squirly so I may mess around with a little gyro stabilization fun.

Just to add a little, for seaplane rescues, you might add some sort of screen around the prop.
The way it is now it will try to weathervane on you in any wind, the fin balances that out. I'm actually thinking I'll use a floating frame rig (PVC piping with foam insulation) to do my rescuing.

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