Formula Boats: Thunderbird's long tradition of excellence has always been and continues to be the hallmark of each Formula powerboat. With a long-established philosophy of uncompromising quality in every detail, Formula is recognized as today’s premier powerboat.
2002 Formula 260 SS An Exceptionally clean SS, the 260 is great mix of performance, comfort, Cockpit Room and still an easy size to own and maintain.
With striking hull lines and a continental flair, the 400 Super Sport combines exhilarating speed, luxurious comfort and endless storage capacity for both daytime excursions and long-range journeys. Measuring 41 feet six inches in length with an 11' beam, the 400 SS is equipped with the now-famous FAS3Tech™ hull.

Porter had been producing powerboats for almost twenty years when he and several other family members obtained Thunderbird in 1976. For the past twenty-five years the Porter family has been dedicated to producing the highest quality boats possible along with providing responsive, customer-oriented service. Large cockpit with wet bar offers shade from a new Bimini top to sip your favorite beverage.
Recently, the addition of 143,500 square feet helped to accommodate expanded production and development of a range of larger powerboats.

Thoughtful plant design and individual working conditions have made it easy for employees to do their job right every time. Certification by the National Marine Manufacturers Association improves your safety on the water. Adams has been designing Formulas with sleek, distinctive styling that blends form and function to perfection while helping keep Formula on the cutting edge of technical expertise.

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