40 consistent with the vw 25 consistent with the briggs I have a friend putting a 180 lycoming on one it will be faster. 941-345-5726 I got the so called rd2 aluminium hull for 1800 I also have one with slick bottom and one with polymer. If you want one delivered you buy the fuel and expenses and a little for my time and I will hook you up. I like it.The yellow boat was a jon Boat that was made out of 2 split one down the middle and spliced the center of the other in to it. But with the Mini Alligator Tours Airboat, getting comfortable behind the wheel takes just a few minutes. I have trailers for them engines for them belt drives and props what ever you may need including a full set of riggin seats lights whatever.
I have trailers for them engines for them belt drives and props what ever you may need including a full set of riggin seats lights whatever.You have any pics of the hull??

I have been involved in a serious collision involving two of these hulls and neither on of them sunk. Worked pretty good foamed the bottom and put poly on it to get rid of the ribs.I Got this from another thread. You will find a variety of sizes to suit your individual needs, including large, medium, small and a vast array of used airboats for sale. No wonder: since there's nothing to build or buy*, you can be on the water and learning to do skid turns almost immediately.
If I lived somewhere where there was no way to get a real airboat hull, I think I would try to build one like this.
We also sell parts like the hull, engine, propeller, lights, fuel systems, airboat kits and much more.
We provide only top quality used and new airboats for sale to our clients, whom reside across the United States and internationally.

We are your global resource and leader in design and performance of airboats,airboat parts, airboat kits, as well as custom aluminum airboats and parts. Feel free to contact our company to request a quote or if you have any questions regarding our product line. Its a mini to me, it measures smaller than some mini's but it will run where the big boys run.

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