If you are considering taking New York boat tours, but are hesitant about the cost of a harbor cruise, then this post may help you enjoy New York City from the water. Budget Tip: If you are planning on purchasing the one of the New York City tourist passes, most have boat tours included in the price. Another way to save on paid boat cruises to to check discount sites like Groupon to see if there are any deals available. The Reader has an awesome find today:  Shoreline Sightseeing is offering free boat tours on July 30 to the first 700 passengers to show up between 11 AM and 3 PM and Navy Pier will also hand out  700 free Ferris Wheel rides between those same hours in honor of Shoreline’s 70th Birthday event on July 30. In a press release, Shoreline Sightseeing said it will hold an official 70th Birthday Party on Thursday, July 30 at 11:30 am at Navy Pier. Special guests from Navy Pier and the MPEA (Metropolitan Pier and Exposition Authority) will attend as will two generations of the Collopy family who have owned and operated Shoreline Sightseeing since 1939. Shoreline will offer free Skyline Tours to anyone who was born in 1939 for the remainder of the season. Shoreline’s Skyline Boat Tour leaves from Navy Pier and encompasses the entire panorama of Chicago’s famous skyline and landmarks in a dramatic 30-minute cruise.

Water Taxi IKEA Shuttle Ferry – This ferry service runs from Wall Street Terminal to Red Hook in Brooklyn. Many of these companies offer combo tickets that combine boat, bus, museum, even helicopters all for one discounted price. The party site will be on the west wall on the South Dock of the Pier, right outside the entrance gates. Charles Collopy, Sr., owner of Shoreline Sightseeing from 1978 to 2001 will emcee a short program.
Shoreline Sightseeing began in 1939 with one speedboat giving Lake Michigan tours and has since grown to become Chicago’s largest boat touring company with nine major touring boats and ten water taxis. Sons Chip Collopy and Matt Collopy, current owners of Shoreline Sightseeing, will also take part. The free Skyline Tours are available to anyone with valid Driver’s License or ID showing a 1939 birth date.
They offer Chicago River Architecture Cruises, Lake Michigan Skyline Boat Tours, Fireworks Cruises and a variety of themed cruises for holidays and special events as well as Water Taxis and private charters.

Navy Pier will also host 700 free Ferris Wheel rides between those same hours in honor of Shoreline’s 70th Birthday event. The program will include several special announcements including an invitation to anyone born in 1939 to enjoy free Skyline Tours for the rest of Shoreline’s 2009 season. Tickets for both the Skyline Boat Tours and the Ferris Wheel free rides will be available at Shoreline’s ticket booth near their west dock on Navy Pier. Shoreline also will announce Water Taxi services from new docks at Erie Street and at Wells & Wacker opposite the Merchandise Mart.

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