Location: West Melbourne, FL 3D Cad Models Does anyone know of a place to get good marine related 3D Models for use in outfitting my vessel designs?
Location: West Melbourne, FL marine electronics, marine hardware, cleats, bollards, anchors, engines, nav light enclosures, spot lights, outdoor furniture, interior furniture (need lots of that), and other miscellaneous things you would normally find on a superyacht or comercial vessel. Location: australia tallen interior and out door furniture you might find on some architecture sites.
Location: Ontario We have something like this gradually growing right here on BDnet, I see you've already noticed its presence. Unfortunately there are no really good comprehensive free databases published online, at least none that are easily found. Location: australia tallen I had a look thru some old files and found some of the things you might be after, they are very generic, basic models to help keep the file sizes down. Location: West Melbourne, FL bhnautika, thanks for the upload that should definitely help.

Location: Cape cod, Ma people and out boards Does any one know were I can find 3d files of people, and outboards.
Location: australia Wdgrant a number of people have posted both people and outboards in some of the forums you will have to look around to find them, as they are not in the CAD block forum. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Location: Russian Federation Strenght calculations of CAD models Full scope of strength calculations of any structures and many more. We are ready to calculate deformations of your CAD model by virtually applying forces on it.
Cad, or computer-aided design and drafting (cadd), is the use of computer technology for design and design documentation. Copyright © 2014 Review Ebooks, All trademarks are the property of the respective trademark owners.

SurperYacht or commercial vessels tend to have a lot of custom designed parts, which will make it hard to find something?s. As for the fixtures I am looking for everything from some lamps, to fluorescent lights, to chandeliers. There are some more cad blocks in my personal gallery which seem to have slipped out of the cad forum (cleats stanchions etc) still may not suit your purpose as they are more for the smaller boats (some could be scaled up).

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