Design, The Institute of Healthcare Improvements (IHI), The Institute of Medicine (IOM), and Pebble Partners, among others. Yachts been built from my plans now number in the hundreds both from both home and production builders. New designs are added periodically and occasionally I do receive requests for specific designs. Please phone or email me for more details of my designs or if you would like to purchase a plan only in the catalogue.

Goth Mk4 IOM is the 2015 development of last year’s Goth XP Plan and incorporates ideas borrowed from the Goth XP RG  RG65 design.
Phoenix 5 – 10r  Was designed for more wind and more open water than the P4 with 4kg ballast. Zephyr – USOM is optimised towards light air performance but still will be a good all round performer.
Printed and Posted Full Size Deck and Hull Panel Drawings on 2 AO Sheets are available for $30 AUS.

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