Gibson Executive Houseboat is an unique boat built to last and handle everything you throw at it. DescriptionIf you are looking for the room and comfort of a condo near the water the only difference in this 50? UNIQUE floor plan having entry door on the bow, makes boarding and loading VERY easy, pull into a marina, open the door and 2 strides out you are on the dock! I have owned other houseboats in the past like Gibson, Nautaline, and Holiday Mansion, and this one is the smallest footprint, yet most space for it's square footage!

Below in our directory you will find detailed description and information of 2006, 2007, 2008, 2009, 2010 and 2011 model plus photos, reviews, specifications, prices, charters and everything else you need to know about this fantastic boat for sale. Search Sacs Marine directory for pontoon boats, fishing boats , aluminium boats, bass boats, speed boats, silboats and luxury yachts for sale. Contact Gibson Executive Houseboat Dealers, Brokers and Manufacturers directly and find a large selection of pontoon boats, aluminium boats, fishing boats , bass boats, speed boats and yachts for sale on Sacs Marine! The Executive style houseboat has a one level floor plan so other than the forward cuddy there are no steps to negotiate.

Bottom completely sandblasted, 4 coats of Interlux Interprotect with 2 coats of black bottom paint (pictures do not show this) carburator just rebuilt also!

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