Above, the Great Lakes Trader departs Duluth on June 2, 2013 after discharging limestone and then loading iron ore pellets. The barge Great Lakes Trader was built in 2 sections in Mississippi and then combined in New Orleans in 2000. The 1,000 ton Aerial Lift Bridge spans the Duluth Ship Canal, carrying vehicular and pedestrian traffic over the entrance to Duluth Harbor. Due to a growing population, greater demand for cars, and an increase in tourism, the bridge was soon stretched to its capacity.
A remodeling was planned to incorporate a lifting platform that would ensure that tall Great Lakes ships could pass under. The elements of Lake Superior storms, ice fields, errant ships, and extreme temperature changes have created many structural challenges.
Watching the Great Lake ships, some greater than 1,000 feet in length and 50 feet wide, come through the canal under the Aerial Lift Bridge is impressive. June 6, 1973, the Aerial Lift Bridge of Duluth was entered in the National Register of Historic Places.
We moved from Superior twelve years ago and so miss the Great Lakes ships coming and leaving our Twin Ports.
Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping News ARCHIVE Great Lakes & Seaway Shipping News Archive Copyright N. Damaged bow of the heavy lift vessel Stellanova at sec M3 Montreal harbor shortly after the accident.
Continued strong iron ore and western coal shipments through the Port of Duluth-Superior held this year’s volume of commerce above 2001’s level, the Duluth Seaway Port Authority reported Wednesday. Iron ore cargoes in Duluth-Superior increased 21 percent from last season’s 10 million tons to 12.2 million tons, a significant rise considering Great Lakes total iron ore shipments were reportedly nearly three percent behind last year’s level. The slight upswing in overall tonnage was reflected by increased vessels visiting the Port through September. Net income in the post-restructuring period of February to September, 2002 was $45.8 million. Net income improved considerably over the comparable fiscal period mainly due to a 29% increase in revenue due to higher steel prices, a 9% increase in shipments, and lower unit operating costs. Denis Turcotte, Algoma's President and Chief Executive Officer said "Selling prices, shipments and operating performance all contributed to the improved earnings. The tug Invincible with barge McKee Sons was outbound from Saginaw on Wednesday morning after unloading at the Saginaw Rock Products dock. Both vessels have been regular visitors to the Saginaw River this season, with the Great Lakes Trader calling 25 times and the McKee Sons logging 19 trips so far. The Algorail held back to allow the Great Lakes Trader to get underway and proceed ahead to the Sixth Street turning basin.
The Saginaw arrived on a cold and windy Wednesday heading up the Black River to the mill with a load of pellets.
Shipwrecks Remembered 2002, a day-long exhibition that includes presentations by Great Lakes shipwreck divers, artists, writers and photographers, runs from 1 p.m.
Michigan Underwater Preserve and the International Shipmasters Association, Port Huron Lodge #2 will also be on hand. On October 31, 1983 the SYLVANIA was towed out of the Frog Pond by the harbor tugs ARKANSAS and WYOMING.
On 31 October 1883, CITY OF TORONTO (wooden passenger-package freight sidewheeler, 207', 898 GC, built in 1864 at Niagara, Ontario) caught fire at the Muir Brothers shipyard at Port Dalhousie, Ontario and was totally destroyed.
On 31 October 1821, WALK-IN-THE-WATER (wooden side-wheeler, 135', 339 t, built in 1818 at Black Rock [Buffalo], NY) was wrecked on Point Abino, on the Canadian shore of Lake Erie during a storm. On 31 October 1880, TRANCHEMONTAGNE (wooden schooner, 108', 130 t, built in 1864 at Sorel, P.
The saltie Stellanova is expected to depart the Pointe aux trembles anchorage in Montreal about 6 a.m. For the first time in recent memory, Duluth grain elevators Tuesday had a true "full house," with each of the four loading berths occupied. Kinsman Independent managed to finish its load through the light rain and departed the Twin Ports about noon Tuesday. The harbor has been busy he past few days, with activity at both the salt mine and the grain terminal . Eventually she was able to dock, load and then departed sometime Monday for Alpena, Michigan. The saltie Lake Carling arrived at the grain terminals on Monday, ending a dry spell for large ocean-going ships in the harbor.
Pilot and photographer Don Coles was flying over Lake Erie Monday and sent in the pictures below. The tugs GLENADA and MOUNT McKAY towed AMOCO ILLINOIS from Essexville on October 30, 1985 and arrived at the M&M slip on November 1st.
The ISLE ROYALE (2) (Canal Bulk Freighter) was launched October 30, 1947 as a) SOUTHCLIFFE HALL for the Hall Corporation of Canada Ltd. On 30 October 1874, LOTTA BERNARD (wooden sidewheel "rabbit", 125', 147 T, built in 1869 at Port Clinton, OH) was carrying general merchandise from Silver Islet to Duluth when she foundered in a terrific gale off Encampment Island in Lake Superior.
During a storm, the schooner ANNABELLA CHAMBERS was wrecked on the islands off Toronto, Ontario on 30 October 1873. On 30 October 1877, CITY OF TAWAS (3-mast wooden schooner, 135', 291 t, built in 1864 at Vicksburgh [now Marysville], MI as a sloop-barge) was carrying 500 tons of iron ore when she struck a bar outside the harbor at St. Buckeye appeared to run into trouble Monday morning as it was unloading stone at the CLM dock in Superior. In the grain trade, Kinsman Independent was loading at General Mills S in Superior and saltie Doxa D.
Monday was Burns Harbor, which in recent years has most frequently loaded at the BNSF ore dock in Superior. The Jacklyn M and barge Integrity departed Milwaukee early Monday afternoon, but returned a few hours later. The salt water vessel Lake Carling arrived in Goderich Monday morning with the assistance of MacDonald Marine tugs to load soybeans. The next scheduled coal boats due in at the CSX Docks will be the American Mariner and Armco on Tuesday. Thornhill outbound from Toledo after loading a grain cargo at one of the elevator complexes. Wheat King in her last year of operation upbound headed for one of the elevators to load a grain cargo. Heron Bay outbound from Toledo after loading a grain cargo at one of the elevator complexes. The Frontenac was inbound the Saginaw River early Monday morning arriving at the Essroc Terminal in Essexville at 4 a.m. The National Transportation Safety Board ruled on October 29, 1991 that Total Petroleum was responsible for the fire that destroyed the tanker JUPITER because of faulty moorings and exonerated the BUFFALO from primary responsibility. On the afternoon of October 29, 1987 while upbound with coal from Sandusky, OH, the ROGER M.
On 29 October 1892, ZACH CHANDLER (3 mast wooden schooner-barge, 194', 727 GT, built in 1867 at Detroit) was carrying lumber from Ashland, WI in tow of the steamer JOHN MITCHELL when the two became separated in a northerly gale in Lake Superior. On 29 October 1879, AMAZON (wooden propeller freighter, 245', 1406 t, built in 1873 at Trenton, MI) was carrying "provisions" - 900 tons of freight plus 7000 barrels of flour - from Milwaukee to Grand Haven, Michigan. Federal Hudson arrived at the mill Friday with 23,000 metric tons of steel slabs from Magnitogorsk Metal Combine in Magnitogorsk, Russia. From Detroit Steel, the slabs will be trucked to National Steel Corp.’s Great Lakes Division in Ecorse or to Algoma Steel Inc. The Michigan Transportation Commission has approved funding for a new Poe Size lock at Sault Ste.
Federal funds will cover the majority of construction costs in creating the new lock on the St.
Construction is scheduled to begin late next year on a new lock that will accommodate 1,000-foot vessels and replace the more than 85-year-old Davis and Sabin Locks. Only two of four locks in the Michigan Sault are operational and only one, the Poe Lock, dedicated in 1969, after six years of construction, can handle 1,000-foot freighters. The Poe Lock is the workhorse of the operational facilities, typically handling about three quarters of 4,000 commercial vessels annually, while the MacArthur Lock, constructed after the Second World War, is capable of handling smaller ships and recreational traffic.
The project will include construction of coffer dams, approach work on piers, dredging, demolition of the old locks and construction of the new lock. The CANADIAN PIONEER's maiden voyage was on October 28, 1981 to Conneaut, OH to take on coal for Nanticoke, Ont.

The CANADIAN TRANSPORT (2) was launched October 28, 1978 for Upper Lakes Shipping Ltd., Toronto, Ont. On 28 October 1882, RUDOLPH WETZEL (wooden propeller tug, 23 t, built in 1870 at Buffalo, NY) was racing for a tow with the tug HENRY S.
Late morning drizzle at the Soo Locks let up long enough to allow the upbound passage of two classic straight-deckers shortly after lunchtime. Lovers of Clyde's Drive In and its Big C burgers will have to wait until spring for another fix. The Jacklyn M barge Integrity is in Milwaukee getting some type of repairs and will be back in service on Monday.
The Dorothy Ann pulled over near the I-75 Bridge to allow the Mississagi to pass, then continued outbound. On Thursday morning, the Wilfred Sykes was outbound from Saginaw after unloading during the night.
On her maiden voyage the HOCHELAGA (2) departed Collingwood on October 27, 1949 for Fort William, Ont. On October 27, 1973 the HENRY LALIBERTE struck an embankment while backing from the Frontier Dock Slip at Buffalo, NY and damaged her steering gear beyond repair. On 27 October 1869, ALFRED ALLEN (wooden schooner, 160 T, built in 1853 at Pultneyville, NJ as J.
During a snow storm on the night of 27 October 1878, the propeller QUEBEC of the Beatty Line ran aground on Magnetic Shoals near Cockburn Island on Lake Huron.
October 27, 1854 - Well-known Pere Marquette carferry captain Joseph "Joe" Russell was born in Greenfield, Wisconsin. Also Friday evening the straight decker Algosound locked downbound at the Soo for the first time in a few years. Towing of the vessel from Montreal is expected to begin on Sunday, once temporary repairs are completed, with expected arrival at Les Mechins to be mid week. The Algosound arrived here in the Port of Thunder Bay, under the cover of darkness, early on Wednesday.
The Algosound was last here in December of 2000 and has been laid up in Montreal ever since.
Around 4 pm Wednesday she had left the Richardson slip and worked her way over to the south entrance where she docked at the Saskatchewan Pool 7a slip.
She has experienced a couple minor problems here in Thunder Bay, which delayed her departure time a bit but her very skilled Crew and Captain have worked thru them and continued loading the vessel. By 8pm on the 24th she was backing away from the Saskatchewan Pool 7a dock and making the turn towards the South Gap in the breakwall. The HUTCHCLIFFE HALL and OREFAX were sold October 26, 1971 to the Consortium Ile d'Orleans of Montreal made up of Richelieu Dredging Corp., McNamara Construction Ltd.
On October 26, 1971 the ROGERS CITY (2) had her A-frame collapsed while unloading at Carrollton, MI on the Saginaw River.
The tug ROUILLE was launched on October 26, 1929 as Hull 83 of Collingwood Shipyards Ltd. On 26 October 1851, ATLAS (wooden propeller, 153’, 375 T, built in 1851 at Buffalo) was carrying flour from Detroit to Buffalo when she was blown to shore near the mouth of the Grand River (Lorain, OH) by a gale, stranded and became a total loss. This gearless vessel will be renamed the Spruceglen and will join the current CSL bulker fleet composed of the Ferbec, the Oakglen, the Mapleglen, the Pineglen, the Cedarglen and the Teakglen. The Spruceglen is expected to enter service in late November and requires minimum work as the vessel meets all requirements for her particular class. The container ship CanMar Victory was refloated Thursday afternoon exactly three weeks after entering dry dock for bottom repairs following a grounding in the St.
The CanMar Victory ran aground on September 28 thirty miles west of Quebec City off Deschambault. Despite the loss, sales of iron ore pellets increased by 72 percent in the third quarter and 79 percent during the first nine months of 2002.
The strong sales forecast is good news for Great Lakes fleets, which haul most of Cliffs' production from five mines that it owns or manages in Minnesota, Michigan and Canada.
Cliffs is studying several options for the Empire mine, which has seen costs increase because of lower-quality ore and higher employee benefit costs.
The ALGOBAY departed on her maiden voyage October 25, 1978 from Collingwood light for Stoneport, Mich. The HURON (4) arrived at Santander, Spain October 25, 1973 in consort with the WYANDOTTE (2) towed by the German tug DOLPHIN X. The engines of the propeller WESTMORELAND, which sank in 1854 near Skillagalee Reef in Lake Michigan, were recovered and arrived at Chicago on 25 October 1874.
On 25 October 1833, JOHN BY (wooden stern-wheeler, 110', built in 1832 at Kingston, Ontario) was on her regular route between York (now Toronto) and Kingston, Ontario when a storm drove her ashore near Port Credit, a few miles from York. The Canadian Prospector arrived at Port Weller Dry Docks Wednesday morning and docked at the fit out wall. Stelco reported Tuesday that they will permanently idle the 'D' blast furnace at their Hilton Works in Hamilton, Ontario. The American Republic made a first time visit to Holland Sunday, tying up at the Verplank dock at about noon. The vessels owners, Canada Steamship Lines, state that there are no plans to retire the vessel and it will remain active as long as there is business for Mapleglen.
About noon Wednesday the Federal Rideau was leaving Oshawa, Ontario after spending two days unloading steel wire coils. When the span linking Canal Park to Park Point first opened in 1905, a gondola – or “aerial ferry” carried passengers and vehicles across the ship canal. Construction began in 1870, but became a contentious issue with the neighboring port of Superior, Wisconsin. It is customary for ship and bridge operators to greet each other with a series of horn blasts. The vessel is expected to arrive in Les Mechins, Quebec some time on Friday for dry docking.
Wednesday reported a net income of $28.6 million for the third quarter ended September 30, 2002. The Algorail then continued to her dock to tie up while the Trader was turning.The Algorail reportedly carried a split load from Meldrum Bay for Bay City and Saginaw. Marys River loaded with 11,143 tons of potash for Oswego, NY, the HALLFAX ran aground on a rocky reef and settled to the bottom with her hold full of water.
HUTCHINSON (3) struck a reef the night of October 31, 1925 three miles south of Manitou Island, off the Keweenaw Peninsula, on Lake Superior. Algonorth was loading at General Mills A, Algocen was loading a Cargill B1, Gunay A was unloading oats at Cargill B2 and Irma was loading at AGP. Barker arrived at Midwest Energy Terminal at mid-morning and immediately backed into the slip to load. The Barker and Miner each are scheduled to take two loads of coal to Taconite Harbor in the coming weeks.
Clair was depart from the old Interlake Dock on Monday morning, repairs to her bow thruster now complete. The Algomarine was at the Midwest Stone Dock unloading stone, when finished she backed into the CSX #4 Dock to load coal.
The Frontenac departed stern first, backing out of the river to Light 12 in the Saginaw Bay to turn around. She called on the Triple Clean Liquifuels Dock in Essexville and expected to have a 14 hour unload, putting her departure before midnight.
BARKER, who had suffered an engine room fire, was lashed side-by-side to the thousand-foot WILLIAM J. SCOTT (4-mast wooden schooner-barge, 207', 1159 t, built in 1869 at Buffalo as a propeller) was riding out a storm at anchor one mile off Milwaukee when she was struck by the big steamer AVON (wooden propeller, 251', 1702 gt, built in 1877 at Buffalo, NY).
Congress ratified the new lock, which can accommodate vessels up to 1,013 feet in length and 105 feet in width, in 1986.
Van Enkevort-Great Lakes Trader was inbound the Saginaw River on Sunday going upriver to the Burroughs Dock to unload. Included this week are over 100 images from the Welland Canal Gathering and a special look into the operation of the Canadian Coast Guard Search & Rescue Station at Port Weller. WHITE was launched October 28, 1945 as a C4-S-A4 cargo ship a) MOUNT MANSFIELD for the U.S. Catherine's, Ontario as a bark, left Port Arthur for Kingston, Ontario with a load of lumber during a storm.
Clair was docked at the old Interlake Iron Company Dock just north of the Shipyard Saturday.

Kinsman Independent and Canadian Provider each used the MacArthur Lock, spaced nearly an hour apart. Boland passed the Dorothy Ann on its way to the Saginaw Asphalt dock in Carrollton Township with a load of coal. BARKER was up bound October 27, 1986 on Lake Huron above buoys 11 & 12, a high pressure fuel line on the starboard engine failed causing an engine room fire, which was extinguished by on-board fire fighting equipment. HOUSE was laid up at Duluth, MN on October 27, 1960 and remained idle there until April, 1966 when she was sold to the Kinsman Marine Transit Co., Cleveland and was renamed c) KINSMAN INDEPENDENT (1).
Lawrence Seaway last week, the Dutch heavy lift vessel Stellanova will be dry docking at Verreault Navigation for repairs to the bow. She passed the Welcome Islands around midnight and proceeded through the north breakwall entrance. She has encountered several problems on her first trip out in nearly two years but these are to be expected when a vessel sits for that period of time.
Heading out onto the lake with over 23,000 metric tons of wheat, she pointed her bow towards Thunder Cape and set course for the Soo Locks. Coast Guard Cutter Oak will be open tours from 4 to 8 pm Sunday at the Leicht Dock in Green Bay. CLARKE (2), anchored in the Detroit River opposite the Great Lakes Engineering Works because of dense fog was struck by the B.F. Her unloading boom was cut away and temporary repairs were made at Defoe Shipbuilding Co., Bay City, MI.
DAVIS (wooden schooner, 136', 299 gt, built in 1872 at Toledo, Ohio) was carrying coal in a storm on Lake Erie when she stranded near Port Maitland, Ontario.
Spruceglen will add to the fleet and CSL does not have any intentions to retire any vessels at this time.
This furnace is the smaller of the two furnaces at Hilton Works and has been idle since November 2000. I will never forget when the boat was turning to go outbound through the bridge, by our balcony. Its span of about 390 feet can be raised to its full height of 180 feet in 3-minutes, and goes up 25 to 30 times daily during busy parts of the shipping season.
The gondola had a capacity of 60 tons and could carry 350 people plus wagons, streetcars, or automobiles. Support columns on both sides were modified to accommodate two new 450 ton counterweights needed to balance the weight of the lifting portion. The lifting and lowering of this iconic bridge, the sight of the passing ships and listening to the ceremonial greetings is an incredible experience, reason alone to visit Duluth. The tug Karen Andrie with her barge was at the Sun Dock loading cargo, the pair waited at the dock for the winds to calm down before sailing.
When finished unloading stone she will wait her turn to load coal at the CSX Docks late Friday evening. The Dutch heavy lift vessel will head for dry docking at Verreault Navigation in Les Mechins, Quebec. While the three loading berths may be simultaneously occupied several times a year, Cargill's B2 berth is seldom occupied at the same time. The next ship due is the Kaye Barker on Thursday, followed by the Great Lakes Trader on Sunday. Don's company, Great Lakes Aerial Photos, is available for hire for any aerial photography need. The Canadian Enterprise was due into the CSX Docks Monday evening and will follow the Algomarine loading coal. CORNELIUS) went aground on Gull Island Shoal in Lake Erie's Middle Passage and began taking on water.
This vessel for many years sported black exhaust stacks, but it has now adopted, with no fanfare, the silver-and-black stack color scheme of Great Lakes Fleet. The Buffalo was anchored out in Thunder Bay (off Alpena) for most of the day on Friday due to strong winds.
MORLEY) was bound for Toledo, OH with 500 barrels of salt when she went on the Mohawk Reef near Port Colborne, Ontario in a blizzard. The Algonorth picked up a repair technician at the Detour Pilot boat and the headed to anchor. The drydock in Les Mechins, Quebec was chosen over several other shipyards due to its reputation as a first class facility for steel work, painting and mechanical work. Making a hard 100 degree turn right, she slowly slid into the Richardson Elevator slip and tied up in preparation to load wheat. She is destined for Baie Comeau, Quebec but we hope to see her and her Crew again in Thunder Bay later this fall. The 225-foot cutter is the 11th of the larger Jupiter Class of Seagoing Buoy tenders constructed by Marinette Marine Corporation. It departed for Montreal early evening and is expected to dock at Pier 78 on Friday to take on a load of containers for a European Port. After an initial inspection ,the ship was authorised to sail to Montreal to off load its cargo of 100 containers.
Brinzo, Cleveland-Cliffs chairman and chief executive, predicted pellet sales will remain strong next year. COLLINS as a sidewheel passenger steamer in 1853 at Newport, MI, but she was later cut down to a barge. A trip across the canal took about 1-minute, and the ferry car moved across once every 5-minutes during busy times of the day. An injunction to stop work sat waiting to be served one weekend in 1871, so an army of 50 volunteers was quickly dispatched by Duluth’s administrators to the canal site so it could be completed before Monday rolled around. It is unknown why the tug is heading to Goderich but the tug is listed as being for sale by its owners Groupe Ocean. This was its fourth delivery of salt for the year and it is the last salt for Alpena for the season. About 3,000 tons of coal was transferred to the AMERICAN REPUBLIC after which the KYES freed herself the next morning. From there, the rolled steel is returned to DSC for treatment before being sent to the company's cold-rolling mill in Gibraltar, Mich., to be turned into finished product. Arriving later Saturday morning was Roger Blough, which fueled at the Murphy Oil dock before proceeding to DMIR to unload stone.
Louis Bay and down the Superior Front Channel (about a three- or four-mile trip) to the BNSF ore dock to load taconite pellets. All in all, it was a good afternoon for steamers: the Courtney Burton and Buckeye were also upbound at the Soo.
West Pier Drive In and the Lockview Restaurant are also boarded up for the winter and snow is in the forecast for the Whitefish Point area tonight, with an accumulation of about an inch predicted. Sixteen hundred tons of iron ore were lightered to free her and she damaged 65 bottom plates.
This will leave Stelco with two blast furnaces; the 'E' furnace at Hilton Works and one at Lake Erie Steel in Nanticoke. They succeeded in creating a 30 foot wide channel, essentially making the injunction meaningless. Lawrence River the Stellanova will be assisted by the tugs Jerry Newberry, Bonnie B III and Epinette II.
When unloading was completed on October 30th, the HEIMBECKER proceeded under her own power to Ashtabula, OH for scrapping. Ironically the SYLVANIA, the first built of the 504 foot class bulkers, was the last survivor of that class. He didn’t appreciate the canal, and for a while he tried to stop ships from traveling into the port by that route. During her career with Columbia Transportation, the SYLVANIA had carried over 20 million tons and netted over $35 million. Eventually he gave up and moved to Seattle, Washington, where his son went on to found an aircraft company.
The next scheduled ore boats due in at the Torco Ore Docks will be the Buckeye on Thursday, followed by the H.
The next scheduled ore boats due in at the Torco Ore Docks will now be the Buckeye on Thursday, followed by the H.

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