The most beautiful curve on earth is that of a lovely woman, but the sheer line on a dory is a close second!
Wood is so much quieter and rides nice but remember all the maintenance on my Dads old boats. Joe Evens hosted Lee (Keta) and me on his awesome Harvey Dory "Wild Ride" for nearshore Halibut! I was really impressed with how far up from the surf the "Wild Ride" glided upon landing! Beautiful day fishing on the big pond, and a Super Treat fishing with Joe Evens in his Dandy Dory "Wild Ride"!
I launched next to you this morning, we watched as Joe gracefully made his way through the slot with the oars.

Rod caught the biggest, hardest, crab that I can recollect, and had it's twin to the boat.
350 ft of rope on a pot could have interesting results, but it would need to have extra large doors. Love Dory's, have some great memories from my younger days staying at Hannamans (sp?) Resort and fishing out of the old double enders. I figured you guys were into some fish, as Joe had the cb off?? Easy salmon limits inshore today.
I figured you guys were into some fish, as Joe had the cb off?? Easy salmon limits inshore today. I greatly enjoyed both your and Rod's ability to suck up a bit of hard luck, stay on task, after 9 hours, laugh at everything that day threw at us, and make it happen, A day to remember.

Rebuilt wood stringers, well oiled and converted from an inside well outboard installation to transom mount outboard. You have a few months to do the usual changing, fixing, and modifying before the surf backs down to pucker free levels. It is the middle ground between light and shadow, between science and superstition, and it lies between the pit of man's fears and the summit of his knowledge.

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