2xsteyr with kamewa waterjets would be more fuel economical and reabile than anny outboard configuration and would manuver mutch bether. The reason there was developed diesels for MTB's in the first place was because gasoline is mutch more flamable and potential more dangarous than diesel in a combat situation.
Location: TRIESTE (ITALY) I would prefer such high speed boats that a boat equipped with diesel + waterjet for craft up to 12 meters. The speed increase neaded is 20% identical to the hp, but a 1% speed increase require a 3-4% power increase. What if I lover the bow to increase airflow over the hull and lower the stern to get a earodynamical lift to reduce water resistance?

Location: TRIESTE (ITALY) with a couple of engines developping 600 hp, the top speed would be of 45 knots abt. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. A modern lightweight fuel-efficient re-statement of the fast seaworthy long-range power cruiser. Inboard diesels has more reabilety than a gasoline aout board and the increase in weight can be compensated with smaler fuel tank because off the lover fuel consumtion. It will increase the cost and decrease the milage and the customer has spesefyed 2 engines.

The OB engines have the possibility to change while running the inclination of the thrust and therefore the dynamic trim.

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