Old wooden boats and docks, historic gold rush village of Atlin, northwestern British Columbia. Her maiden voyage took place last Friday in the sunny village of Holmsund, Sweden where she was built at the Johansson & Son boat yard.
As you can see from the boat, these guys are dead serious and prepared to travel with the boat to America to recreate history. Oh, and where’s the video and sound, its got to be like listening to Andrea Bochelli. Both engines turn the same way as they do originally, but the Twin Disc marine transmissions are set up so that the propellers are rotating in opposite directions. The beam of Sverige is about 250 cm at the engine compartment, so there is not much space around the engines.
I looked at the website and I must say that I am very impressed with Hornet II and the marine conversion of the engine! With a useful life of no more than three years, whaleboats were discarded on the spot throughout the coastal U.S.

In early 1929, some very wealthy Swedish motorboat enthusiasts placed an order for a race boat that could challenge Gar Wood for the Harmsworth International Trophy. In October 1929 the Wall Street Stock Market Crash signaled the beginning of the 12-year long Great Depression which turned everything upside down for the project. The beast is awake and no one in the Swedish Tupperwareboaterville will never be safe again. The sounds that resonate from them are like music from heaven for us big cubic-inch-lovers. The crane let her slowly hit the water for the first time, and after some pre-flight checks and some chatting at the dock, Master Boat Builder Christer Johansson took his place behind the wheel and fired her up. A very well known Swedish designer – Ruben Ostlund was commissioned to design the race boat, and came back with a drawing of a 8.9 meter (29 ft) single-step hydroplane powered by two 1000 hp Packards. The plans for the Swedish challenger were put on hold… Maybe next year or the year after that, they argued. Remarkably, only a dozen or two have survived to become part of today's museum collections.In 1916, the Dartmouth Historical Society commissioned the building of a half sized model of the bark LAGODA.

Local whaleboat builder Joshua Delano was retained to build the seven half-sized model whaleboats needed for the project.
Hull planks, oar and paddle blades, tubs, casks and rudder are accurately laser cut basswood.
The book, To Build a Whaleboat, gives you step-by-step building instructions, design and technical data. They are high quality acrylic based paints that can be thinned with water, thinner or alcohol.
The colors contained in each paint set are based on the colors shown in the picture of the model.

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