Not exactly sure what this is or what it has for power, but it sure looks great – and fast. The one thing that always seems to remain constant in the hobby is the popularity and collectability of the pre-war Chris-Craft barrel stern models, and it’s great to see them come out for the local boat shows around the country.
Special thanks to Dane Anderson for sharing his great photos and comments from the 26th Annual Whitefish Chain Antique and Classic Boat Rendezvous today. Great selection of boats at this event, and it’s a shame the weather did not copperate. Not to be a PooHead or anything, but there seems to be a large amount of debris floating in the water around those beautiful boats. With the pre-war barrel stern designed boats featured as the marque boat for the 2014 Lake Tahoe Concours d’Elegance, there will no doubt be a big turn out of Chris-Craft barrelbacks from around the country. Described as any pre-war design with an unbroken line from waterline to waterline across the transom. Our law enforcement boats have been in operation in the Houston and Galveston area for over 15 years.
The Texas Scooter Boats are available in lengths 15' to 24' and bottom widths 60", 66", 72", and 78". One Stop Motors is your  ONE STOP  for Buying, Selling, and Financing ALL motorized vehicles! The second in a three-part series in which we take a used aluminum boat and be sitting very high and would be put to the test when driving the boat.

These were the philosophies of brothers Joe & Farrell Beck when they founded Alweld Boats in 1979.
It is no wonder why Alweld is the choice of Trapper Joe, Trigger Tommy and Gator Queen Liz from Swamp People. It dropped to 47 degrees last night and stayed in the 50s most of the day today – cloudy and a few rain drops too. The story at the dock was that these two boats were finished at the same time to prove that the stepped hull Viking was faster than the 30 footer, which it was and now 80 plus years later, they show up at the same boat show up in the woods in Minnesota. Looking through Dane’s photos today, it makes me think about how cool it would be to some day feature these rare barrel stern boats as the marque boat for a boat show. And that makes me wonder as to what kind of screens these boats are using at the cooling water inlet ??
My favorite shot at the docks is this view of Kermit Sutton’s V-12 Hisso nestled inside his magnificent Belle Isle Super Bearcat. The Bonnie Dean is powered by a 1963 283 185HP, originally installed in a Lake Minnetonka 23′ CC Sea Skiff. See why the Houston Police Department, the Houston Fire Department, and the Harris County Sheriff's Department have chosen Boat Right Marine. In today's competitive marketplace we're able to give sellers the edge they need in order to achieve not only a QUICK SALE of their vehicle, but at TOP DOLLAR as well! And the same continues to hold true under the builder's second generation of family leadership.

Experienced people who are serious about their business, and require only the very best construction and performance from their boat. It would be most appropriate given that mine was delivered new to Tahoe and was on that lake until 1992. I have often wondered as to why our boats do not contain a clear, visible and removable screen or filter system to ensure that the pump is not sucking up and getting clogged with the local water flora. Utilizing tools such as Financing, Shipping, Insurance and Extended Warranties, OneStopMotors has provided countless sellers all over America with a competitive advantage that was at one time exclusive only to car dealerships.
I have never come across a person that does not like the styling of these boats, they are indeed iconic. It was the only Gentleman’s cruiser and (I believe) the only home-built boat at the show.
The hybrid square pontoons have 5 separate chambers inside them each for safety in case of puncture.

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