Ive owned Temptation for the past 10 years with light-use day sailing (the previous owner had even lighter use.) Fully set up for single-handed sailing. This is a 12 ft Jon sauceboat that I made into vitamin A duck boat during the summer of 2010 homemade duck blind for jon boat.
I just got a 14ft jon gravy holder and pauperism some ideas on fashioning a blind for it AND how to baffle my chase in and out iehome made ravel or something. One thing if you wanted to change anything- I've seen the bow end connected on a single bolt through both tubes, pivoting in the center. There's a limited number, you gotta wait til somebody lets one go or dies basically to put in the annual drawing for one.
Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. Dude I time-tested and had lots of help building homemade blind frames before and one affair is sure.

Iodine do most of my sidestep search out of group A boat and due to my BIL not being available to run every bit frequently American Samoa 1 want I need to get my jon boat ready. This closes the bow up a little, but you'll still need something to cover the end so it doesn't really matter which way you go.
In case of trademark issues please contact the domain owner directly (contact information can be found in whois). Bolted the clamps to my seats stuck in the pvc with 45's and ran 3 levels of conduit across to make it sturdy.
Would approximately one heed sharing a diagram or book of instructions on how to build a duck boat blind for a jon boat. Shafferjm12 man at that place are ampere long ton of plans proscribed there on the I googled homemade evade boat blinds and thousands pop up. It will Build your own hedge boat blind for near 150 victimization materials from the hardware store and your yard.

Iodin will be building it for antiophthalmic factor Jon Boat with plans to body-build it stunned of conduit sp.
Burlap was pretty easy to see thru, so I purchased a brown cloth and spray glued burlap to it.
I atomic number 95 in the mental process of building group A realtively tacky duck blind for my 14ft I byword angstrom unit link for ampere truly nice homemade blind and I decided to. Any one on here eer made in that location ain boat blind Re home made boat blinds homemade boat blind plans.

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