I picked up a truck bed extender that goes into the hitch from harbour frieght on sale right now for $49.99.
Might be an option for you but thats a pretty cool setup in that pic if you dont mind lifting the yak way up there. I added these small wedges with just glue to keep the ratchet straps from binding down into the crotch area. I made the version in the first photo exactly as pictured for my Chevy Colorado Crewcab, which has the shortest bed in the midsize truck market. For a yak over 13 or 14' and a regular 6' or 6.5' bed, I highly recommend just getting the Tracrac Tracone rack and a couple of foam blocks.

When I had a 8' bed, I used a homemade rack with an iron pipe through a couple 2x4s resting in my stake pockets in the back and the front of the kayak resting on a foam block on top of my cross bed tool box. Total cost for my rig was less than $30, a lot of the pvc came from my scrap bin from leftover plumbing jobs.
I bought it to use for my new kayak i just bought but realised my outback really doesnt stick out of my 6.5' bed very far with the tailgate down so i'll be returning it.
I think people are pretty nutty putting their long kayaks in their 6' or 5' bed on one of those extenders with like 6' or 7' of yak hanging out the back. I got the driest ones I could find and it going together today and glued and screwed and strap it in to dry.

There are a couple other brands that are basically the same thing and even some cheaper versions with less carrying capacity. Luckily I caught it happening, it happened when I was loading the kayak after my float trip was over. The other option I would consider is one of those bed extenders that allows you to flip it and have it the same height as the roof, rather than same height as bed.

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