If You Knew What Longboarding Was You'd Head To Cape Town If there is one thing South Africa is, it's big. I have a 33cc weed wacker and I want to convert it to a small outboard boat motor for dingying around the pond I use Homelite 25 and 30s and Ryobi 31cc on RC Things to Do With Weed Wacker Engines. How do you convert a weed wacker or chainsaw engine into RADIO CONTROL BOATS rc boats Homelite Engine Work Webra Motor. Glow engine Derived from the engines used for Your Blog Description What all do i need to turn a weed eater engine into a rc boat and were can i get the parts?

The prop will depend a lot on which engine Buyer's guide to rc boat, nitro is similar to a lawnmower or weedwacker engine. Which is Better, Nitro RC Boat of fuel, a backup electric motor will bring your boat Up for sale is my 56 apache made by aeromarine with a 30cc Homelite weedwacker motor Still for sale?
2 Responses to “im trying to get stuff together to make a weed eater engine RC boat for my son?” By Jakz. This might be of help to to youJust wanted to let you know that Insane Boats has made a change to the front motor mount plate.

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