When taking one look at this boat, the first concept that dominates our thoughts is the idea that this home made creation will never work in a million years. The awkward looking contraption spells out disaster right in front of our eyes, that is until the propeller hits water¬†and a severe plot twist ensues. This just goes to show you that you shouldn’t judge a book by its cover, even though we still associate this thing with high levels of sketchiness.¬†Would you want to take a ride in this boat?
The torque from this 3 hp motor added lots of stress on the steering lines, making steering rather difficult. The board on the floor too was an attempt to prevent the hull from flexing while under way.

Unlike the Gamefisher, the Tanaka had a kill switch which was hard to reach , so I moved it to a convenient location. It was fashioned similar to how I had my other gamefisher motor, but instead of bending the original steering handle I opted to use a section of EMT tubing. I didn’t realize this set-up had changed the steering geometry, which required the lines to be reversed on the column spool. This also created a nice gas tank storage area and enabled the steering column end to now have a solid mount. This would save me from getting chopped up by the prop if I were ever to get thrown off the boat.

Its made with 3 lays of glass two bi axle knitted layers and a layer of chopped between them.

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