Welcome to Pontoon Porch!Bring the luxuries from home right down to the waters with our product. Make a ReservationTo make a reservation for the boat, please browse our calendar to find out what times are available, and submit the online request above the calendar. About the BoatPontoon Porch is a floating two-level boat with a screened in porch and enough space for up to 30 passengers.

A cross between a house boat and a pontoon boat allows Pontoon Porches to provide a superior level of comfort. After submitting the form and providing your contact information, your reservation will be listed as pending.
This rental service is perhaps one of the most innovating boat products to come along in the past 25 years.

Pontoon Porch offers maximum stability while gliding through the water which allows guest from all walks of life to enjoy this unique boating experience.

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