My husband is building a 50' x 16' houseboat with out plans, from scratch, out of his own head - no plans, no blueprint, however with lots of unsought advice from me, from very amused neighbors, and generous total strangers. The homemade houseboat is still a work-in-progress, but there's now a lovely galley with enough space to comfortably prepare dinner for a dozen. We had some hull damage in a storm a few months ago, and we're awaiting both fine weather and strong help to remove those crunched sections of hull and patch them.
Looking at floatation on a pontoon houseboat, and wonder about protection from damage or sinking if a pontoon ruptures?I am building a pontoon houseboat, and don't want it to sink if I hit a rock in a river or lake. I have a 20 foot pontoon boat and I was wondering that if I filled the aluminum floating pontoons with air, what that woud do? If your houseboat pontoons are air tight, then a hole in the bottom of the pontoon will only alow a limited amount of water in providing the air in the pontoon can not escape.Take a glass and hold it upside down and push it under water, it will not fill with water as the air can not escape, same applies to pontoons if they are air tight.
The free houseboat plans section is here as a starting point to the world of building a house boat, and the only limits are imagination and budget.
Tips for Building with Free Houseboat Plans* Once you have decided to build a boat, you will be needing some building materials, marine parts, and technical building information.
Other Build a Houseboat StylesIf you didn't find what you need, have a look at some of these reasonably priced alternatives to give you more ideas and designs to build with. Stay connected with this sectionThe Build your own Houseboat section is constantly growing, so it's best to stay updated and signup for our Houseboat Insider magazine, it's free, informative, with updates, and is sent directly to your Inbox.
Tips for Building with Houseboat Plans* Once you have decided to build a boat, you will be needing some building materials, marine parts, and technical building information.
Share your Houseboat Experience and KnowledgeLike to See what other Readers have contributed? How I Got Started in Building a BoatGrant me a moment to share how my "houseboat building" got started!
Who's building these houseboats?Basically the people building boats range from all walks of life and ages. I found it filled with great information and details, that it brought me back to my boat building days. A very inspiring book indeed, so if you're curious to know more about the book, or would like to read it, I know you'll enjoy it, and it will help you. Show us your Present or Past projectsWhat better way to be on the Internet, than "showing off" your House Boat Plans, and your Boat Building skills. Do you want to be "heard", and be on the Web?Here's an opportunity to have your voice heard. Free Houseboat Plans - where to find build, cheap or free house boat plans? Where can I find free houseboat plans, or cheap inexpensive house boat plans? Older Sumerset Houseboat - tips to rebuild and remodel houseboats? As an older Sumerset houseboat owner, I'm looking to rebuild and remodel her and looking for any tips or information? Aluminum Houseboat Hull Fabricator - any builders, shops or manufacturers? Looking for an aluminum houseboat hull manufacturer, builder, or shop to fabricate a custom aluminum hull?
Older Houseboat Plans - any original blueprints, schematics, floor-plans? Bought an older houseboat, and looking for floor plans, or any original blueprints or schematics to help in the rebuild remodel of a gutted house boat? Pontoon Houseboat Building - any sources for tinted windows and doors? We're building a pontoon houseboat, and looking for any sources for tinted windows and doors that are available? Pontoon Houseboat Floatation - Use Expanding Foam or Styrofoam? When it comes to pontoon houseboat floatation, do I use expanding foam, or styrofoam?
Pontoon Houseboat Floatation - any damage or sinking protection? Looking at floatation on a pontoon houseboat, and wonder about protection from damage or sinking if a pontoon ruptures? Houseboat Building or Repair - What plywood, exterior or marine grade? When it comes to houseboat building or a deck repair, what plywood do we use, interior, exterior, or marine grade plywood's?
Build your own Houseboat - Any plans for house boats, and a man's dog? I'm looking for plans to build your own houseboat.
Houseboat or Floating Home - Where do we Draw the Line? Where do we draw the line when it comes to houseboats or floating homes? Can we build a floating cabin home style houseboat? We're interested to build a small floating home, cabin style houseboat?

Plastic Houseboat Pontoon Design - An Alternative to Steel or Aluminum  Looking at plastic houseboat pontoon design, I may have an alternative to steel or aluminum construction material? Many Questions on Houseboats - Should I Build, or Buy a House Boat? I have many questions about houseboats, and wonder if I should build one, or maybe buy a used house boat instead. Building Pontoon House Boats with Plastic Pontoons? Any idea on building pontoon house boats with plastic pontoons? Building a Steel Pontoon Houseboat Here are my plans for building a steel pontoon houseboat. Flooring Choices to use on Interior Houseboat Floors How do I choose the best houseboat flooring material for the different areas or floors in our house boat? Harris Flote Bote, 24 foot, trailerable pontoon boat I have a Harris Flote Bote trailerable pontoon boat. Large 80ft pontoon houseboat Looking for building plans for bulkheads on a large pontoon houseboat? Building a Large Pontoon Houseboat I have decided to build a house boat, a large wide pontoon houseboat. Remodeling and updating the interior walls in our houseboat? We are thinking of remodeling and updating the interior walls in our houseboat. After three years of cutting, gluing, screwing framing and fitting pressure-treated plywood, it now begins to look like an actual shanty houseboat, roof and all, and now we've come to the slow-picky stage, deciding on systems and figuring out how to install them - wiring, plumbing, outboards, and the like. That's a great point that I never considered, would it be better to have instruments grouped together, or grouped according to Port or Starboard engines. Some of your suggestions are already firmly in the gotta-have bin: anchor windlass and marine air-conditioning, for instance. When it comes to planning building a houseboat there is one thing you should first consider, do you Buy One or Build Your Own? When I was a kid, my father and I embarked on a project that little did I know at the time, would change my life forever! In some cultures, because of finances or availability, the only way to have a houseboat would be to build your own. Eager to get this unlikely show on the road, even before it's got windows, galley and head, we've called a number of outboard motor salesmen and described the problem to head-scratching incredulity. I would imagine since there is no "law or standard" regarding instrument placement, you're free to install them to your preference. The boat tracks nicely, turns in its own length, (7mph at 2000rpm, still breaking 'em in, so haven't gotten to WOT yet) and seems both quiet and stable.
We built a houseboat :)We built a 22ft plywood-fiberglass covered pontoon houseboat with all the necessary amenities. Generally it's people with access to some tools, some location to build it in, and some good friends to help out occasionally.
It gave me the feeling to start building another houseboat, but I think my wife would definitely have something to say about that. Many people have created the same kind of sealed chambers and have filled them with an expanding foam which would restrict the amount of water that could even enter into the chamber.
I have bulkheads every 4 feet in the pontoons and since foam filling is expensive, I am filling them with 2 litre pop bottles. My question is does anyone know if filling with foam would solve the problem, and if so what type of foam would be best for the job? I still see the outboard motor that it had, a "British Seagull" outboard, Wow, what a motor, "no electric start" on that baby!I remember the smell of freshly cut wood, and the pungent smell of fiberglass epoxy. The rest of it that's left, is a Step by Step process.back to topWhat are the Types or Styles to build?When it comes to Types or Style to build, you have a large choice, since house boats come in many varieties and models. I, being a professional builder and remodeler, saw every thing at a glance that would need attention, but my wife was just in love with it, so there went my bargaining power, out the window!
If you only have room in the chamber for 5 gallons of water, it would have very little effect on buoyancy. At the beginning, it seemed to take forever, since it didn't take shape till further down the road, but I remember the feeling of accomplishment and pride when she started to look like a house boat.

You can choose Pontoon, Barge, Displacement, Catamaran, Trailerable, or a Homebuilt Houseboat.back to topFind free (and almost free) Boat PlansWhen it comes to finding Houseboat Plans and Designs, the skies the limit. No, we can't haul it out-- too big, but we can tow it to a nearby boat ramp to install a pair of 60-75-hp outboards. Small and unobtrusive, it gives good situational awareness.We bought a portable air-conditioner, but it really doesn't do a very effective job. Now possibly some of our houseboaters that have experimented or built pontoons have some better or simpler ideas to help you with pontoon floatation.Lastly, hopefully some of our readers will share and post comments about their pontoon houseboat damage or sinking experiences. Ahhh, such good memories, especially since my father passed away not longer after we launched her. A few salesmen have actually come to call, to see the challenge close up, but as yet, we have not gotten the first written quote. To this day, I still see his smiling face as we backed this "boat house" down the ramp in Burrard Inlet, Vancouver, BC. Interested to see different Houseboat Designs?back to topWhy you should Build, and not Buy?There are many advantages to building your boat, instead of buying one.
There is, no doubt, a very expensive alternative system that would require extensive renovations, but we're not at that point yet. I found Calder's book, seemingly by holy intervention, and have learned so much not only about ABYC codes for all these systems, but WHY these things are recommended. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates. I'll stop rambling on, since you're here to get your project started.Should you, Would you, Could you?You may be here contemplating if you should buy a boat, or build your own houseboat? He has a way of explaining things so even I can understand it.If you want to put your boat together in a safe, intelligent, efficient, and elegant manner, get this book.
Water tight bulkheads that bolt together then glass taped, before the outside overall glassing. The beauty of designing a boat, is that you can integrate all the storage, equipment, and all the options you want for much less.
Any unused, or empty cylinders will be filled with expandable foam to displace water for extra buoyancy.
With the price of new and used houseboats reaching new heights, it's no wonder that some of you maybe considering building your own. The savings involved are great, when compared to a New one.back to topHow to Plan and Prepare a ProjectWhen you've decided to build you own, and now you have to layout the different steps to the project.
You'll need to list your boat Needs & Wants, Hull Floor House Boat Plans, Material, Equipment, Tools, and a Locale.
You have to weigh your "options", since while you're building, you're not navigating, and if you buy a used houseboat, you could be spending much less time refurbishing a good used boat instead.
Remember to document and photograph the steps used to build your boat, since this will inspire other's to build one of their own. Just food for thought!If YES, you have enough time, and have a location to be comfortable while your building her, and some good friends to occasionally help with the odd job, than your on your way to building your boat.
We now have a web page dedicated to Past & Present house boat building projects.back to top The PROS on "House Boat Plans"The personal satisfaction of building a house boat.If the thought of building a house boat is appealing and something you've considered, than your half way there!
Depending on your needs, some floor plans are very well designed, that way you can keep the crew happy. Explain about the sense of accomplishment and pride that will be achieved once she's built and launched.

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