As part of a Swedish design competition, Niall McLaughlin Architects designed this fabulous modern houseboat for two. Thousands of ships throughout the world have proved Ferrocement impermeability and flexibility. Thus, a very safe structure which is also light and very well insulated and with inhabitable room inside the hull is achieved. The houseboat plans section is constantly expanding, so in order to get a good overview, I've included these to show the design possibilities. Tips for Building with Free Houseboat Plans* Once you have decided to build a boat, you will be needing some building materials, marine parts, and technical building information.
You will find different houseboat models that are available, and that can be built by someone who is handy with tools and have the space for construction.
Build your own House Boat PlansYou're building a house boat and curious about house boat construction?
More Houseboat PlansYou're building a house boat and curious about house boat construction? More Build your own Houseboat PlansYou're building a house boat and curious about houseboat construction? Stay connected with this sectionThe Houseboat Plans section is constantly growing, so it's best to stay updated and signup for our Houseboat Insider magazine, it's free, informative, shows the updates, and is sent directly to your Inbox. Location: Texas Barrels for a Pontoon Boat I too am about to build a pontoon boat out of plastic barrels. Here's another thought - your comments welcome - I'm wanting to use thin guage metal roofing along the sides of the barrels to streamline water flow and to improve the looks. Location: Minneapolis,MN, USA Is this for a raft or are you planning on putting a motor on it.

Why must you vary the ways laid down by well experienced and educated folks whom do this sort of thing for a living?
If this is a floating platform, then pick up a copy of the currently available Woodenboat magazine (April) and look at pages 28 - 31. Location: KENTUCKY I have just recently received a large quantity of aluminum from a sheet metal fabrication company that went out of business. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals.
Small in size but big on innovation, this unique floating home was born from three key considerations a€“ light, space and construction.
Here you'll find house boat design and floor plans for pontoon, trailerable, catamaran, or full hull models.
I imagine that you aren?t into math so you?d like the minimum of calculations, I doubt if you?ll find anything simpler. EMT is much better strength wise, but a rather poor choice in building material as the marine environment will eat it up in no time. No deep water for this one, just for some slow moving river fishing and maybe some close in bank fishing on the lake. I'll not be standing up in the pontoon but it has to be a little stable so I don't have to swim. I would like to build a 4x8 pontoon to fish from, and it seems from my calcs the sheet aluminum that I have is quite a bit heavier than what is used in other pontoons boats that are built. According to the architects, a€?Our aim was to design a house which has a spatial quality which we describe as a a€?thicket.a€™ Implicit in this is the idea that the enclosure is experienced as a congruence of lines rather than as a clearing defined by surfaces. Usually you build a frame from treated lumber; the frame is gapped so it straddles the barrels.

The engineering is done for you and you only have to fix it, which is quite the difference than designing it .
Most have "study prints" available to give you an overview, and there's even some pontoon house boat kits available to help speed things up.Try to document & photograph you're project.
This cool, contemporary house design is made from woven carbon-fibre, and boasts inflatable flotation elements.
The upper portion of the structure is a translucent, argon gas-filled volume that serves to insulate the space. I used an electric chainsaw to slightly round the edges and to form the front of the pontoon.
A really cool feature is one you cana€™t see outright - solar panels power a pump that circulates water through underwater coils to the exterior wall of the home, passively cooling the space. The boat without the battery and motor and seats is literally no more heavier than just the original plywood.
I would say less than 100 lbs and can get most likely over 500-600 lbs before the deck hits water. Even my co workers think i did a really good job and even wonder what posessed me to build it.
Simply put, i wanted a good fishing boat that didnt need a trailer and light enough for 1 man (mainly me) to load and unload.

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