Lucerne Valley Marina on Flaming Gorge Reservoir is pleased to offer a selection of large craft for sale. Outstanding Craftsmanship shows in this beautiful P & T Fabrications houseboat vessel which was built to demanding standards. I have been living tiny now, floating, in fact, off and on when not teaching internationally. I think this live aboard has interesting possibilities and is priced well for what can be seen here, but can the owner please clarify nor me if THIS is the boat pictured here that is the actual boat for sale and where it is currently located and the exact age or original build date. The email address is at the end of the article, but written in a way webcrawlers won’t find it.
Can the houseboat be moved further north and do you know of slips up north that can handle her? Diane couldn’t possibly be so egotistical as to believe that everyone else reading here was waiting with bated breath until she weighed in with her personal aesthetic judgment on this homeowner’s taste, and so she was therefore required to pronounce it so tactlessly for the edification of the rest of us, could she?

Because upholstery can be recovered, curtains replaced, paint colors can be changed to suit individual preferences – that’s all so very easy! From the wave shaped cedar siding to the quality steel hull, this houseboat is built to last for years to come. I appreciate real furniture, as opposed to a bench with a cushion on it, and I like the way they’ve repeated the same themes and colors throughout the house. It generally is unwelcome most readers on wonderful forums such as this, and I think people who write this way need to know that.
At 28 feet long, 10 feet wide, compact space provides comfort and low operating, docking, and storage costs.
If you are interested in learning more or purchasing one of our boats, please contact us or give us a call at 888-820-9225.
Keep it in this amazing end of the dock slip for $580 per month (includes water, garbage and liveaboard fee of $150PM (note: if not a liveaboard $430 PM)), or navigate to your dock, the islands and enjoy living on the water or use as a vacation spot.

I thought Aqua Lode was the name of the boat but I guess it is a commercial type proto and they are all the same except for the interiors.
Constructed totally from aluminum and plastic (no wood to rot, nothing to paint), for carefree time on the water. Beautiful hardwood floors, outstanding cabinetry, cedar shake exterior & shake roof with transom windows that keep it bright year round. Vaulted ceilings, tongue & groove ceiling, stained glass arched door opens to a small deck to put your toes in the water and enjoy lake life.

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