Escape the hassle of the city and relax on the mighty Murray River South Australia travelling up or downstream from Kia Marina.
Kia Marina Houseboat Hire has over 20 yearsa€™ experience in the houseboat rentals and houseboat hire market. Cook up a storm either on your BBQ or in your gourmet kitchen, which includes dishwasher and microwave, whilst enjoying the company of your fellow crew mates and partaking in some refreshments. Relax in style as you survey the tranquil scenery of the Murray River and enjoy the touches that make a holiday truly special, passing the ancient ochre cliffs, back-waters, and the abundant bird life.
Please register to participate in our discussions with 1.5 million other members - it's free and quick! Search the RMLS at Properties of Portland - Your source for Real Estate in Portland, Oregon. Review: Bed and Breakfast Houseboat Little Amstel offers modern accommodations aboard a luxurious houseboat. Review: PhilDutch Houseboat Bed and Breakfast is a modern Amsterdam houseboat located in the heart of the city. Review: Located in the city center, the Amsterdam Love HouseBoat offers close proximity to tourist attractions like Waterloo Flea Market, Dam Square, Central Station, Red Light District and China Town. Review: Hotel Nova House Boat is located minutes away from Central Station, close to all amenities and attractions in the city. Review: Boat and Breakfast de Dageraad is a fully renovated Amsterdam houseboat with private bathrooms and luxurious guestrooms. Review: Hostelboat Anna Maria is an Amsterdam houseboat located in the center of the city in Amsterdam's harbor area. Also if you have any questions about Norris Lake or renting houseboats please do not hesitate to contact us via the form below. Based at Younghusband just a 10 minute drive upstream from Mannum and 1.5 hours from Adelaide.

We cater for all tastes and budgets - modest to the ultimate luxury houseboat a€“ featuring some with ensuites, fully automated electrical system, and upper decks with entertainment areas, spas, plus dual drive. It is minutes away from attractions like the Van Gogh Museum, Amsterdam Canal Cruises and Rijks Museum. It is a smoke friendly house boat with spacious sun decks, fully furnished rooms, free internet services and spacious bathrooms.
This is a converted barge with a private entrance and a breakfast kitchen where guests can enjoy beautiful views of the city on the terrace during the day. This Amsterdam houseboat is located next to a traditional Dutch windmill on a canal in Amsterdam. There're not as many houseboats as there are apartments, so renting one would be harder to come by.
Tourists who visit Amsterdam and walk along the canals, will see the houseboats and wonder how it is to live in one.
There are two beautifully designed rooms inside with en-suites and private entrances for complete privacy.
The house boat has plenty of living space with comfortable seating and fully equipped kitchen and dining area. Since the houseboat is located a little further away from the center of the city, expect a 15 minute train ride to reach most attractions. It enjoys an excellent location and offers quick access to the Dam Square, Museum Square and Central Station. It offers guests all the modern amenities they would expect from a hotel including coffee, tea and free WiFi. It's easy to find out -read below my reviews of some of the most popular houseboats available for rent right now! The rooms are comfortable and include modern amenities like coffee and tea makers, comfortable bed, full bathroom and flat screen televisions.

With features like central heating, log burning fireplace, balcony and hot water, it is definitely quite comfortable.
It is located in the center of the city, close to all the attractions and amenities like Central Station, Dam Square and Museum Square. Guests can enjoy their stay in a comfortable bed and a Dutch breakfast that includes tea, coffee, pastries, cheese and bread. The rooms of this Amsterdam houseboat are designed beautifully with a full kitchen that includes a gas oven, nespresso coffee machine and much more. Bikes can be rented from the owners and free discount coupons for attractions in the city are offered to guests. There is a fully equipped kitchen area where guests can make breakfast and enjoy their meal with a view of the water, swans and ducks.
The bathrooms at this Amsterdam houseboat are shared but they are kept clean, have a shower and are good size.
Breakfast is included in the price of each room and is served in the charming breakfast area every morning. Little Amstel is a fun Amsterdam houseboat, and a great alternative to usual hotel rooms if you're looking for something unique. The larger room is quite spacious and is a complete suite with a balcony and a full kitchen.
This Amsterdam houseboat also has several public areas like the living room, deck and kitchen where guests can socialize and get to know each other.

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