If you love spending time on a water, on a lake or a river but miss the comfort and luxury of your home, you should consider purchasing houseboats for sale. Before your purchase lake houseboats for sale, verify the quality of the electrical system which includes the wiring, batteries and chargers, television and telephone cords, the main electrical panel, central HVAC along with the ship-to-shore radio transmission system. Choose whether or not you want to personalize your houseboat by incorporating additional features like a home theater system, an elevator to the upper deck, a Jacuzzi or hot tub, a water slide and any other furnishings or interior designs. As part of our New Houseboat For Sale series, here are some of the top reasons to not miss the boat. Twin Anchors offers a number of used or pre-owned houseboats currently for sale by existing owners.
Welcome to Twin Anchors Marine Custom Built Houseboats!Why not start by seeing some of our luxury houseboats? 1If you're ready to have the very best in a custom, luxury housboat built for you then start here by looking at our base models.
2If you would prefer to save money by buying a pre-owned houseboat then start by looking at some used boats that are ready to sell. 4Learn more about Twin Anchors; our company, our people and why we build the best houseboats you'll find anywhere.
The allure of houseboating is epitomized by the recreation and freedom found only on the water.
Youa€™ll find the houseboats created by Twin Anchors Marine are indeed peoplea€™s second homes. This triple deck vessel offers the finest in comfort and entertainment including a widescreen TV, home theater system, tracking satellite, fireplace and full wet bar with a temperature-controlled wine cabinet - all in the main salon. Please Note: The pricing information displayed below is subject to change (and it does change frequently). REVERSE FLOOR PLAN HOUSEBOAT WITH THIRD STORY SUN DECK, 15 X 62 WITH 8 FOOT EXTENDED SWIM DECK, ELECTRIC SEA DOO DAVIT ON REAR DECK, 4 AIR CONDITIONERS, FORCED HEAT, FRESH WATER OSMOSIS SYSTEM, ALUMINUM PONTOONS, 6 CYLINDER VOLVO ENGINE, 15KW WESTERBEKE GENERATOR, TRACE INVERTER, STAND UP PENTHOUSE, FLY BRIDGE, COVERED AND UNCOVERED TOP DECKS, AND MUCH MORE. 1 Bedroom, 2 Full Bath, Amazing Kitchen, Custom Oak Cabinetry Throughout, Great Swim Deck With Swim Ladder And Step, Immaculate Boat!!!! Opulent Solid Oak Cabinets, Corian Counters, Spacious Island, Dishwasher, Deep Sink, Stove, Oven, Microwave, Trash Compactor.
Oak Dining Table With 4 Chairs, Stereo System Throughout, Large Flat Screen T.V With Marine Direct TV Tracking. The purchase will represent a significant investment, so carefully weigh your needs and their costs. Inspect the lighting and fans, kitchen equipment and utensils, bed and bath accessories, closets, cabinets and hot water tank capacity.
Communicate with the retailer and explain what exactly you’re looking for in a houseboat and ask for a quote.

Many people try out houseboats and find they don’t suit the type of boating they prefer.
In my 40+ years of boating, never has there been a better time to buy or at least pre-order a new houseboat. Initially, houseboats were little more than a a€?box on barrelsa€? with very few amenities. The second story, created to offer privacy and space, provides one private stateroom and one master suite. We endeavor to be as accurate as possible, but make sure you confirm pricing with your customer service agent before booking any trip.
Having grown up on the shores of Lake Ontario, I've had a life long love affair with boating.
Review the most critical factors as you look through different models of houseboats for sale.
You should be aware of what deck accessories come along with the purchase of houseboats for sale, such as gates and railings, lights, ropes, hooks, bumpers, buoys and swimming ladders. Purchase from a retailer who provides a financing program that works with several lenders in order to give you a more competitive rate for the houseboats for sale. A pre-owned or used houseboat for sale can be as much as or even more expensive than a new home on land. Have you been contemplating buying a new boat?The growth of the houseboating industry has very likely paralleled the increasing amount of baby boomers who are looking to explore the new lifestyle.
Todaya€™s boats are stunningly designed, superbly crafted, performance oriented and require low maintenance. The third deck includes an 8-person hot tub, spiral tube waterslide, wet bar with fridge, TV, crows nest dining area, and more! Consider the price, size, whether to buy a new or used houseboat, any insurance coverage and the length of warranty before you make your final decision. Test the propulsion and navigation options of the houseboats for sale, including the engines, helm instruments and steering. Buy insurance coverage that encompasses broad all-risk coverage, personal property and tender coverage, emergency towing, a replacement provision for the boats and uninsured boater clauses. One of the major factors has to be the price of houseboats in comparison to other typical similarly sized boats. You see, it's not enough to just go out for a few hours just for recreation; though there's nothing wrong with that. Make sure you purchase houseboats for sale that are equipped with a considerable set of standard construction features. Dealers that sell new houseboats for sale usually have a stock of used houseboats for sale that they have taken in on trade.

But like to pack the entire family and head out on the calm lake waters for days at a time. Follow the same process for purchasing a used boat as for buying a house by checking the specs online and walk through the boat before making an offer. It's a definite win-win situation for anyone purchasing now as you get an incredibly high-tech and well equipped boat for some of the lowest prices seen in many decades.Low Interest Rates on LoansWe have seen interest rates fluctuate widely over the last few decades, yet at this moment in time they are incredibly low (in the 5-6% range). Low interest rates combined with 15-20 year terms make it much easier on the budget, and especially easier to make that financial decision.Cost of Materials is Going to RiseThe cost of raw material to build a boat has generally always risen over time, yet at the moment there has been a sizable lull in the pricing.
Here I'll describe everything you need to know about houseboats, from the different sizes and brands, to renting versus owning.
Now that the economy appears to be rebounding, the prices of raw goods will surely climb thus increasing the purchase price of new houseboats.The Pleasure & Satisfaction FactorI think everyone has to agree, there is nothing better than taking ownership of for example a new car, a new house, or in this case, your BRAND NEW houseboat.
With the addition of high-tech materials and the technological advances in construction, combined with new safety requirements and boating standards have created some of the largest, fastest, fuel efficient, and utterly stunning houseboats in history.
Excellent Service & WarrantyThe boat manufacturers have been able to expand their service depts and warranties to provide a truly great experience for new boat buyers. The industry has matured to where they truly understand how to take potential new customers, turn them into happy customers, and also to keep them as lifelong clients.You Can Custom Design your own BoatOne of the biggest changes has been how you can now custom design your boat with all the features, amenities, and personal requirements that you want. You can have the boats built to your requirements and functionality.New High-Tech Systems & EquipmentWith the many advancements in technology and manufacturing, houseboats now have become the affordable, spacious, luxury cruise ships of the 21th century. Whatever you want, feel, or need to have on your new boat in order to be comfortable, you can NOW have it installed or included in your new boat.Buying a New Boat Creates Local JobsOne of the big advantages of buying a new boat versus buying a used boat is the economical and employment impact that it has in the industry. One of the hidden but realistic benefits of buying a new boat is that it creates jobs, especially local jobs.
Start Planning your New HouseboatSince you're here reading this article you are likely contemplating getting a new houseboat.
Through all our hard work on the website, we have joined with some of the best manufacturers in the industry. Through our partners, we can help you get some of the best service and prices in the industry on a new houseboat. Lastly, hopefully some of our readers and visitors will share and post comments about their new houseboat experiences and tips. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates.

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