I'm thinking maybe not necessarily a "house"boat but maybe like a Festa del Redentore boat like in Aria: The Natural. But yeah, I def want to do something like Festa del Redentore with these boats.It would be a fun thing to do with sims.
I used a CFE trick to place a pool ladder on the foundation to make it look like it's a ladder that can be used to get on and off the boat.
Given the fact that you need a little space to walk around on the deck, it would really be a small lot, espcially if you're bringing children or pets on board. I've designed a fake small houseboat (posted above) and I was able to fit all the necessities without even needing ladders or the small bathroom.
I would LOVE to be able to make bigger ships or yachts and I can not believe i would be alone in this. I have downloaded the set from Luna but I do not like it that much, it is boat themed, but I would like to see something like this. I would not mind if it were a bow and Stern and if it is visible in townfiew to your world can rock!

Making an object isn't hard, there's lots of tutorials for tables and such, I haven't tried a boat hull yet though so no clue if it's similar.
Also the items like the chimney Carlos uses, are not placeable on the decks themselves, which would make them easier to use. Well, I'm still very new to CC creation, so I make no promises, but, the funnel should be very doable. Well, I ran into a few hiccups with Wings 3D eating my final version of the mesh, and the multiplier is a nightmare to fix, but it is showing in game and looks pretty good on the 14x6 curved bow. Ha, I was just coming back to update Well, I've pretty much given up on the multiplier, which means it still has that almost unshaded look.
I have seen the titanic tread, however he does not make it sailable, What I was looking for is a houseboat-item like Nilaba made that covers the hull of a regular houseboat to actually make a real looking ship.
Plus, it will help to make houseboast that don't look like they will tip over the minute you try to leave port with them lol. I will probably put the parents room in the basement and then add windows so you see the fishies and merms.

I tweaked the mesh some, got rid of the flag and the portholes and overall shortened it some. This is as much as I can do with this mesh, if anyone wants to edit it further, please do so.
And it was more Asian looking than Italian so maybe you would possibly be interested in it too? If you have forgotten your password, click here, or if you have forgotten your username, click here instead. I don't think there's much more I can do for it so anyone who wants to use it, package is attached below.

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