Yesterday, we discovered a much more efficient technique for scrubbing the bottom of the dinghy. We live on a small lake in the summer and instead of a pontoon, ski or bass boat like everyone else on the lake has, we have a dinghy. After you scrub the heavy stuff off, spray some Lime be Gone, purchased at Smart and Final.
The one comprehensive galley reference needed aboard every cruising boat – more than 800 everyday recipes made from obtainable ingredients with hand utensils, together with in-depth instructions for unfamiliar cooking techniques and food storage and substitution information. Ratcheting Box WrenchesSo many times, working on the boat means working in really tight places. Outboard Fuel Line ProblemsThe fuel line for our outboard had all the symptoms of a serious blockage. It took half the effort to scrub and less than half the time to get the dink all spotless again. I just trim the bottle about two inches above the bottom as straight and level as possible.
Get a spray bottle and spray it on, then wait a couple of minutes and a lot of the scum and scale will just disappear.
Then we get out the green scrubby sponges and the real work begins as we scrub all that black crud off. We use these almost every day for one scrubbing chore or another…it seems we never run out of things to scrub & clean!
This makes it easier to hold and the sharp flat plastic has enough give to not scratch the paint but is strong enough to remove soft material. I do use the sponge and putty knife but I find that spraying the surface with Krud kutter, waiting a bit to let it work and then scrubbing the surface cuts the time in half again….

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