Location: Lakeland Fl USA This is not a clear enough description for my feeble mind to grasp. At 12 inches immersion you are going to have about 1750 pounds of displacement for each 18 foot side or a total for both sides of 3500 pounds at half immersion.
Mainly I am asking, How will the boat perform when taking off and getting on top of the water with the pontoon turned side ways (36" round side facing the forward movement). Location: Southeast Alaska If I understand what you're describing, the maximum speed you could ever get out of this thing would be less than 3 mph. Location: Eustis, FL Post a photo of your boat or a drawing of what you're thinking, as I'm still a bit confused about your ideas. Originally Posted by viking north My late night foggy brain take from the description is, the pontoons will be assembled believe it or not with the axis of each 24"dia. Location: Eustis, FL Okay, I have a better idea, transversely arranged drums, the length desired.
Location: houston I am talking about a fishing boat using all blue pontoons. And by all means, put the notion of sideways cylinders in the verifiably counterproductive idea file.

Location: Eustis, FL Yep, the drums aren't going to be related to any level of preformance, by the normal means of describing it. When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. 2008 Triton cabana 200 Pontoon boat with a 2008 Mercury 90Hp 4 stroke EFI, and a nice solid trailer. Around with a 1999 Mercury Optimax 225 and tandem axle trailer that has been redone and is ready to travel.
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While the 12" radius may seem like a friendly shape to push into the water, the 12 inch radius on the backside will hold water against it and no lift will be generated.

Design for performance by forgetting the round pontoons and making them with fairly wide flat bottoms and sides. There's a number of ways to go: flat bottom, slab sided, long, lean boxes which will be efficient and require the least amount of power, to asymmetric V'd shapes to milk the last ounce of ability out of the twin hull configuration.
Pontoons are typically made of marine-grade aluminum or steel, and a boat can have up to three pontoons, depending on the boat's size. But if the pontoons are 24 feet long the numbers will increase by a factor of 1.33 Which is it? The thinking as stated, there would be low resistance to movement presented by the rounded section of each drum as it is being propelled forward with it's axis transverse to the direction of travel.
Ok--time to go to bed as this is mind boggling --I have visions of Englands WW2 spinning dam buster bombs.
It is estimated that the same boat reached an unofficial speed of 344.86 miles per hour on Nov.

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