Anyone who has been in the market to purchase a boat will know that it can be a very frustrating experience.
The Osprey range of boats are perfect for the sort of person who is reluctant to compromise. All Osprey Boats are built to stringent procedures by qualified craftsmen making our boats reliable safe boats.

We continually innovate at a design level to further enhance the ride and usable space, improve safety, simplify manufacture, and maximise styling of Osprey Boats.
The transom pod is also extended, which increases leverage so the operator can trim the boat more easily than if the motor was attached directly to the transom.
You think you've found the right craft, but suddenly there is just one thing on your list you can not tick off.

These changes arise from a combination of ideas suggested by all our staff and from the feedback we encourage from our end users - making our boats rugged, reliable safe boats.

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