Lil armond, I've been running conduit my whole life (due to family in the construction business ) I've never had any fail on me. It's a real bitch to braze but I can throw a handfull of change out of my pocket into it and a dime can't get out! That boat hooterville express that catchdawg is redoing ,was built back in 93 or so and he just cut it apart.

I would definately go with 4 foot rudders for a boat that size.( i've got 4 footers on my 13') Round or square tube will work for the engine stand if you are building one.
I will probably put some wire between the 2 braces to reduce exposure to the headers so kind of a cross between a pancake and full cage? As for wire I started way back in the day as they say with 1X2 but as of late, I've been running 2X4.

Was thinking of using it at least to tack everythin in place?er: not saying I know what I'm doing.

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