NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® National Prices are initially displayed without dealer prep and freight charges. The TRACKER® Pro 160 is a versatile aluminum fishing boat thata€™s packed with everything you need to go straight from the dealer to the lake. For one affordable NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® price, you get an all-welded boat with a trailer, outboard, fish-finder, and trolling motor. NO HAGGLE NO HASSLE® Value Prices are shown in US dollars only and initially displayed without dealer prep and freight charges. Note: The price of a custom glove box is more expensive than our standard size units to account for the engineering time.
Please Note: Many builders have gone through color changes and utilize different color schemes on different boats. Because parts are built to order, we cannot accept any returns on account of color discrepancy.
Subscribe to our newsletter to be the first to hear about exciting new products and specials! Keep in mind that our design priority was seaworthiness and comfort (smooth ride) , not speed. The plans show all dimensions to build the boat with a closed transom for an outboard bracket, single or twin or single with a kicker engine. In the case of the bracket version, there is sufficient room in the stern to have a removable bench. Not perfect or as nice as most of the boats i've seen on here but I definetly had fun with the project!
The next week or two after the main framing was done was spent bending up compartments, and framing where I needed to as I went. My bride of l years and I are currently building type A pontoon vessel which we intend to use of goods and services side by side decline to cruise the speed Mississippi River from homemade boat console. And it's built tough, with many of the quality construction features found in its bigger bass boat brothers. If the price is outside of your desired range, please consider browsing our standard size glove boxes to see if we have a unit that will work for your boat. If the price is outside of what you would like to spend, consider browsing our standard sizes to see if we have a unit that will work for your boat.
Most of today's small and fast planing hulls have parallel buttocks or, in other words, a constant deadrise from about the middle to the stern. The transition between displacement and planing speed is much smoother than in a constant deadrise hull.
The payout is simple and uncluttered but see the available options further down if you need more seating or a different layout.

A single engine fits her style and those who want back up power should consider a kicker outboard on a lifting bracket. Figured it was time to start a thread of my own.About this time last year I bought a 1988 Bass Tracker Pro 16 that was in pretty rough shape. I was going to just wrap the boat in digital camo vinyl, but after reading some boat wrap horror stories I decided against it.
For your reference, we have compiled a "best guess" list matching boat manufacturers' colors. If you are unsure which color best matches your boat, we highly recommend purchasing a set! The hull shape and styling is inspired by the rugged Bahamian outboard boats from the Abacos, therefore the name.
The Abaco 23 has a hull closer to large deep sea fishing planing boats or classic hulls from before Ray Hunt. She is not a sluggish boat, even with a smaller engine like 150 HP, top speed will be 32 mph.
We suggest to move the fuel tanks around to make room for the head between the mid stringers.
No I didn't mess up measureing haha the front hatches I made one wider than the other so I can fit my 5gallon livewell up there or a cooler if needed.Don't mind the random plywood in this picture, there is now a center cross support under the hatches!NEEDS SWIVEL SEATS! The boat itself is perfect for what I need; something small with big casting platforms that isn't slow.
Any issue I've run into has already been covered on here, it's super helpful.So after the transom cap was welded, I flipped it over and started cleaning the bottom of the hull. I knew that getting enough foam in was going to be a problem so it was packed in everywhere I could get it. This is my first boat, and definitely didn't understand the break out another thousand saying until now. Anyway, I picked up two shades of gray, black, and 100 yards of vinyl paint mask.Luckily I found a marpat pattern online that I could go off of.
Dealer installation fees for options, taxes, title, registration, documentation and license fees vary by situation and are in addition to prices shown.
The Abaco 23 has a variable deadrise with a sharp forefoot to achieve high speed rough water comfort. Taking a ride to bass pro this weekend so hopefully I can find some nice looking ones in my budget!On the pond! I fished out of it all last summer, adding a trolling motor, fish finder and a few other things. There was way too much gray and black in the pattern for me, so I went in and cleaned it up a little bit.

Alright fellas berth up I wanna encounter pictures of customs consoles Centers or Side consoles.
The plan initially was to redo the floors, replace the transom, fix the console and move the trolling motor batteries forward (back end sat pretty low) over the winter.
I thought for a long time about how I wanted everything laid out, and wasn't quite sure of what exactly to do when I started, but I had enough decided to get the main framing in.The rough framing of the new bigger casting deck.
STATE AND LOCAL LAWS vary; some equipment or engines offered may not be available in some states or may require additional equipment at extra cost. The layout IMO wasn't as good as it could be, and that started the ball rolling to where it is today.The trailer was so bad that I couldn't even put the boat in the water until I replaced the bunks. I brought it 32" further back than the old one, which after fishing it for a summer started to feel a little small. The gravy holder currently has a homemade raised console on it now only made of provide and glass. I figured not being able to use the boat was a pretty good incentive to completely redo the trailer. And the back endIUnfortunately I don't have an aluminum welder at home, I have to run down to work to use one. Once I got it back on the trailer I could literally slide the entire boat across the bunks with one finger. Even though it took more time to rivet everything together, and isn't quite as strong, it was way more convenient.
So I don't want to hack your thread on such a nicely going buildI did a ton of research before I fired up the tig. The reason I raised mine up about an inch and a half is because I didn't see the need for all of that surface tension when on plane.
I also didn't think the stern would sit low enough in the water to get the greatest benefit by mounting them flush on the bottom, if that makes sense.
Back to the build,First time it had been out of the shop in a couple months, heading for paint. I've seen so many nice boats on here and online that I cant come close to compete with but I hope you guys like what i've done and I'm still working, next up is removable swivel seats and some home built rod holders!
I bought the paint and he sprayed it.BeforeThe finished layoutWhile the boat itself was being painted, I set in on prepping and painting the motor. I had my buddy spray 2 coats of self etching primer, 2 coats of epoxy sealer, and two coats of PPG Omni white.

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