June 28, 2012 by Terry 6 Comments A couple weeks ago we posted a piece on building a bass boat control center.
This was evident in the early magazines because a large number of the articles had pictures of anglers fishing out of their small aluminum boats – not full-blown bass boats mind you – catching fish. Bass Master Magazine even, at the time, had a column printed in each issue called “Dry Dock Talk” where anglers would write in with new ways and ideas to rig your outfit for bass fishing.
Besides “Dry Dock Talk,” there was also a series of articles through the 70s on how to rig a boat for bass fishing – again pertaining to small boats.
The interesting thing about all of this, and this was eluded to in the Retro Ads piece Old Boat Ads – Bass Cat by Rick Pierce, is that all the tinkering by do-it-yourselfers is what led to nearly all the advancements in full-up bass boats.
With that in mind, I thought you might like to see a snapshot of some old DIYers in action. I can live without the 12 foot aluminum bass boat conversion I started with, but man do I miss my 14 foot, stick steering Terry! The other big factor pushing smaller boats was the gas savings at a time when gas prices were skyrocketing (the Carter years). By analyzing the three factors above you can increase your odds of casting to fish, and if you’re casting to fish you have a better chance of catching them. There’s nothing worse than getting to your fishing hole and realizing you forgot something.
Pond fishing is a great way to catch some fish when none of your other spots are producing. We’ve recently given away a Chompers lure assortment and a Simms SunGaiter to new email subscribers. Enter your email address to subscribe to this blog and receive notifications of new posts by email.
The opening of Paint Creek Valley adds 2.1 additional miles of publicly accessible trout water in Iowa. Head over to Vancouver Island for a round of Golf at Storey Creek with your own sexy caddy to tee up your drive. New ways to mount trolling motors, electronics, bilge pumps, rod holders, how to make dry storage, you name it. These again showed the ingenuity of anglers and their desire to make their experiences on the water more enjoyable.

They not only helped pave the way for boats of the future but they also showed that with a little thought and desire, they could make a very fishable rig without spending a whole lotta dough. Where I was raised in Florida, we had plenty of lakes, ponds, large bass and desire, but not much money. I hope you all had a good Independence Day weekend. Anyone else do some warmwater fly fishing? Local Patterns- Read local fishing reports to see what is happening on a particular body of water. Historical Patterns- What has happened on similar bodies of water during this season in years passed? Just forgetting a small piece of tackle can affect your attitude toward the day and start a downward spiral for your outing.
This rod will allow you to make long casts, and has the backbone to pull fish out of grass and trees.
It could be as simple as a backpack kids wear to school, or you could pick out one of the technical packs from Simms that I’ve linked above. The property was purchased by the Iowa Natural Heritage Foundation a decade after the project was initially pursued, and now has been transferred to the Iowa DNR. Locally Grown Clothing Company is making a shirt to benefit Trout Unlimited’s Driftless Area Restoration Effort (TUDARE). Decked out in classy cocktail dresses or only wearing their string bikinis, our girls will entertain your business clients or just frolic with you in the hot summer sun. Stay in an exclusive waterfront resort in Campbell River to relax and enjoy an evening of poker courtesy of your topless dealer. Champ pushed this downsized trend as a 16′ boat with a 50hp engine (the pros were running 115-150 hp then), and sold for $5,195.
Different species of fish require distinct techniques, but there’s something every fisherman can do to become a better angler. Finding fish can be one of the most challenging parts of the sport, but by fishing High Percentage Areas you’ll increase the odds. Spawning bass move onto beds in the shallows in the spring, but in the heat of summer you’ll often find them suspended over deeper water. It’s not that the same thing that worked yesterday will necessarily work today, but it gives a point of reference.

If you are heading out in the morning, go through your gear the night before and set it by the door. You may not have that kind of pressure to put fish in the boat, but an angler that understands and utilizes mental focus can be more productive.
We have a variety of boats and houseboats available for rent in Vancouver, Kelowna and Shuswap.
Then gear up for a full day of motorboating while topless deckhands bait your hooks and crack your beers. While writing that piece it occurred to me how in the early days, especially in the West where there weren’t many bass boats, all that was required to bass fish was a boat, some tackle and a desire to catch bass. For bass fisherman pitching jigs to cover, consider a high speed reel that gets recovers line quicker so you can get your jig back in front of the bass. Some ways to increase mental focus are getting enough sleep, staying hydrated, and physical fitness. Bass relate to cover, so submerged timber, grass beds, weedlines, and rocks are frequent hangouts.
In a lot of ways, those were some of the best fishing I have ever experienced as it seemed like it was a simpler and more intimate time of fishing.
Ponds are usually just shallow bowls, so any place that doesn’t match that description is a potential target.
Take up to 10 guys out on the water accompanied by two Bachelor Plan Dream Girls to keep things interesting. You want to get as much prep work as possible done the day before a trip so  you can concentrate on catching fish instead of worrying about gear. One of the most fun things you can do with a fishing rod is to throw a big hollow frog on top of a weed filled pond, and watch a big largemouth explode on it.

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