OCD Customs is a custom car shop that specializes in design, fabrication and building of hot rods, muscle cars, street rods and classic cars of all types. OCD Customs takes the hands-on approach to building cars, and Derek’s passion for building and fabrication makes this a family centered and locally supported business. We invite you to reach out to us when you are ready to start (or finish) your next project here at our contact page. Many of the photos on this site were taken by Zach Isaacson, a local professional photographer. PSA’s Daily Deal for today is a complete M4 Lower Build Kit which includes a standard LPK plus a Buffer Tube Assembly (Buffer, Buffer Tube and Spring) and M4 Collapsible Stock for just $80.
Bed strips come in 3 different materials, polished stainless steel, unpolished stainless steel and plain steel.  Polished stainless bed strips are very shiny, giving them a “chrome” look. Hardware kit includes all the bolts, nuts, washers and lock washers to install the bed wood and bed strips.
This front portion of the pickup bed is like the original and comes with holes for mounting to the bed sides and bed strips. Rear pan is made of 18-gage electro-galvanized steel and will bolt or weld on depending on your desired look.

Complete bed wood kit includes set of oak bed wood, a set of bed strips, and complete bed wood bolt kit (including the bed to frame bolts).  Metal parts are available in polished stainless steel, unpolished stainless steel or plain steel.
Please see the description for each item for a more details on each of the items in this kit. It is important keep those lines of communication open from the project planning phase, through to completion to make sure the finished car exceeds any expectations. OCD Customs has relationships with some of the best local businesses for engines, interiors, and wiring, to make sure that attention to detail is carried out in every phase of the car, and the theme can flow naturally from one aspect to the next. Our stepside rear pan is unique in that it mounts to the face of the rear sill, instead of beneath it and includes extensions on the sides to fill the space between the rear cross sill and the fender. Special bolts slide into the groove on the underside of the strip to adjust to any bolt location. Many of the parts are sourced from local wrecking yards and parts outlets, prior to being grafted and modified beyond recognition. The styling is carried all the way to the soft rim lip with custom grooves for a more intense look.
Mounting holes need to be drilled by customer before installation. This kit comes with 8 full length boards and 4 short board that go in front of and behind the wheel tubs.

The bolts in this kit are carriage bolts, which means they have a smooth, rounded head and a square shoulder to fit into a square hole. Available in four different styles, Original, Smooth, Embossed Bowtie and Louvred Bowtie (60-66 Only).    Polished stainless, unpolished stainless, or zinc plated steel mounting hardware sold separately.
From all types of body modifications to custom built exhaust, OCD is ready to make your car really one of a kind. This rear pan will give your truck a smooth look without the license tag indention (tag box) or also available in several styles with license plate box including smooth, 4 row louvres .    Made in Oklahoma City, USA. Derek keeps his family involved in every build, and his attention to detail in wouldn’t be possible without the support of family and friends. This truck requires 7 full length bed strips and 4 shorter ones that go in front of and behind the wheel tubs.  Made by MAR-K in Oklahoma City, USA.

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