I see you have managed to keep your Minecraft addiction at bay long enough to find yourself here. Minecraft is easily one of the most successful indie games in history – a true success story.
On November 19th, 2011, Jens Bergensten, who you might know as Jeb, took over creative control so Markus could concentrate on new things. Note: If this page loads a little slow, be patient, its got a metric-sh*t-ton of awesome minecraft creations! Keeping the good gaming times rolling, check out this amazing Minecraft re-creation made by Reddit user “eohylanmay” of the iconic E1M1 level from the original Doom! This one is a little older, you can definitely see the evolution of Minecraft after looking at this compared to the others! Well, here are a few tutorials that might help you get started on your Minecraft architect career :D.
Watching other people work on things is another good place to start, and usually helps a lot.
Created by Andy Sowards - InfiniGEEK is the definitive geek community & Geeky Lifestyle site for Science, Tech, Gaming and Gadget fans, featuring news, reviews, videos, forums, and more. They didnt build it, they designed a program to convert the world, if you download it, all the buildings are cool, but almost everything is disfigured.
I saw Darnassus in a google image search and had to come here to comment… lol The first ones are so awesome! Fucking seriously, every single picture caption reads like the inner reflections of a coked out squirrel on caffeine tablets. I wanted to build something really big, so I was thinking and a ship sounded like a good idea.The ship has a total of eight floors all with a 3 block high wall excluding the top floor.
Team up with your friends for a thrilling and realistic game of Laser Tag for up to 8 players! Well I made the Undertale resource pack, and the Hyper Light drifter resource pack as well.
You've made a tutorial on how to make a wooden half torpedo with sails and a rudder, not a ship.
Well considering the fact that I am working with humongous blocks, I don't see a better way to make them to exactly to scale, while keeping it realistic. Yeah I know, but when dealing with rounded and curved objects, blocks have to be treated differently to actually make it look good and not square.
The game has received numerous awards and as of January 22, 2013, the game has sold over 9 million copies on PC and over 20 million copies across all platforms!
Noteblocks were introduced, allowing players to create music in Minecraft, and sparking a whole new breed of Minecraft videos: the musical parody. Basically this custom made “Gift” map immerses you in the story of the book while playing minecraft!
The inside isn't totally finished, i do have a grand staircase and many details in halls inside the ship but most is not complete. It focuses more on sailing ships, but it can be applied to any type of ship, by using the general methodology of what I am trying to show here. If I could give you more than one diamond, I would be giving so many that PMC would crash and have to update their counting system. I've even put much mroe time into the fricken entrance, jsut because of it's massiveness, and I sitll have time to fit in the creation of a hedge maze and steampunk ship.
At least try to be respectful, and if you can't come up with anything nice to say, I suggest that you say nothing, or at least criticize in a constructive, respectful way. He's making a ship, yes, it looks like he's building a half torpedo, and a very bad looking ship.I never said that what I say justifies squat. And no, I didn't made a tutorial on how to make a frigate, I made a walk trough on how make a frigate using the tips given in the tutorial, to show how I apply them in my builds.
I never said they had to be exact size, and accounting for the fact that steve is 2 meters tall, he is the main view of the entire thing, therefore, you would still have to build a bigger ship to make it stand out as perfect sized, and making it viewable againsta landscape, that also takes a big part of it.But again, all I have really said is that your ships are too small. The primary motivation was to create an experience where each individual component felt fun.
Today we have rounded up some of the biggest, most creative, and greatest In-Game Minecraft Creations! I also added two inline six piston engines that run off a repeater circuit to make it look like they are actually working. All creations copyright of the creators.Minecraft is copyright Mojang AB and is not affiliated with this site.

I understand that there may be better ways to build ships out there, but I find this one the most suitable for me.
My ships look like dog crap that have been baking on asphalt for 20 years compared to what I now see can be done.
I'm Djx and I'm from China~~~Could I translate this tuto into Chinese and introduce it to the Chinese MC fans? If I want to say something doesn't look good at all, I'm sure as hell doing a lot better than you are, for saying: Good job!
Second of all, people learn best from criticism when it offers solutions to the problem, and yours does not; you have neither told him what you believe is wrong, nor how you believe it could be fixed. If you don’t play minecraft (what?!) you are probably wondering how in the heck this got so popular.
Unemployed, but enthusiastic, Markus was looking for inspiration, and it came from indie game development blog, Tigsource.
Minecraft’s central protagonist, Steve, named by Markus on a whim in an interview, got to enjoy a well-deserved snooze (even though he kept his clothes on and slept over the sheets). We have screenshot after screenshot of just stunning architecture created by ordinary gamers like you and me! These could also help you in building things in general with technique and perspective, as it really does look so similar to building with legos as a child (or even with real wood or materials!) when you see how these giant things are built of course these are much more sturdier structures than lego could ever build haha. Well, gather around children and lets hear a story (a brief story.) about how minecraft became the phenomenon that it is today!
Its success has spawned LEGO toys, conferences, and there is even a documentary on minecraft chronicling the Story of Mojang! The time and effort that people have put into these fantastic structures is just mind blowing and amazing. Negative feedback, and fialure are the two major things we humans learn from more than when we do something successfully.
If you have played the game (which I assume most of you have) it is really easy to see why everyone is playing it (and is addicted lol). With no more to say, leto s get on with the guide!Hull - Body of the ship.Keel - A central beam along which the hull of the ship is built. Just because a block is one meter square, doesn't mean you have to use that as a metric system.
And that provides a feeling of accomplishment (like most games do, but Minecraft is different.
They estimate there are around 3000 unique buildings, all hand made and all fully decorated on the interior. Mast - Tall vertical beam that supports the sails.Spars - Horizontal beam from which the sails hang on. The proof is right here in this post – people have been spending days, weeks, months on these colossal in game marvels that are just stunning to look at. Rigging - System of ropes and chains used to control and support the masts.Sail- Any type of surface intended to move the vessel. Some of the things people create are so huge and intricate that it takes up literally 50+GBs of space (per some of these structures) on servers all over the world. In fact – they are building the Entire continent of Westeros (and you can watch them via that livemap link!)!
Stay sails - triangular sail attached to several ends.Jib - stay sail ahead of the fore mast. Either a Galleon, Ship of the Line, Modern Cruise Liner or even a mere Jolly Boat, all has different characteristics, sizes and shapes that define what they are. Some of the most common ships built in Minecraft: a Galleon usually has high stern castles, but lower fore castles. A Ship of the Line has a less rounded hull compared to a Carrack or Galleon, and more of a flat top deck. When choosing a particular type of ship to build, one should analyze how long and wide will the shape of the hull be.
I try to build most of my ships to scale, so when I build in Minecraft, I take my Steve character, and use it as a reference to get the size right.
Thought, it is possible to take a block as a meter square, and parting from that, build the ship according to their actual size in meters.Blueprints and pictures are another great way to find out the size of a ship and also, what type of ship you want to build. By studying both, pictures of real ships and blueprints, you can see details, such as length and wideness of the ship, amount of decks, types of sails, and shapes and forms of the hulls, in and out of the water.Alright so now that you know which type of ship to build, youo ve done your research and know the dimensions, leto s get into the building details.
Now I am going to start by showing you some of the most commons mistakes that players do when building ships, and then Io ll show you which way I do it.

Flat bottoms o If you want to build a good ship, dono t simply make it look good above the water.
Make the whole thing as it adds realism and craftsmanship.Flat BottomFlat sides and sterns o A very common thing that I notice in most of the ships in Minecraft are flat sides and sterns.
Although some modern ships, such as cruise liners and cargo vessels do have somewhat of flat sides, sailing ships usually feature a more rounded hull.
This increases realism and adds depth to your build, making it stand out from other Minecraft ships.
The bow of a ship is one of the parts that gives the ship not only it looks, but also its attitude (metaphorically speaking). Now then if you have a bow that look bad, dono t expect the ship to look good.Diagonal BowDiagonal hulls o In some ships, I see some weird diagonal hulls. I understand that when this happens, ito s not the intention of the player to make it look like that; rather they are trying to get the rounded o Uo of the ship. Thato s when a good knowledge of curvatures comes handy.Diagonal Hull Buoyancy o What is this buoyancy?
Simply because when building a ship in Minecraft, I think ito s important to have this buoyant force in mind.
That way, youo ll be able to make a good and realistic looking ship, that looks practical, and also stands out from the rest. Hull Layout and Frame - The first thing I do when building a ship, is to make a 2 dimensional outline of the basic shape of the hull. That way I can tell how big ito s going to be, and what I need to change or modify from my initial design. Framing is a good method of making a hull because it gives you a good perspective of what you are designing from the beginning, to the end.
It also helps you shape the body in whichever way you want, making it easier later on, to fill in and add the details.
Smooth out straight and inorganic lines o When making the hull, try to eliminate any straight line or sharp corner that looks o bado . To smooth out the hull and make it look more natural, follow the contour of the hull and make circular layers to give the rounded perception.Buoyancy - Testing for buoyancy is very important at this point. You can use any editing program such as World Edit or McEdit and place water around the ship, to a certain height, to determine if looks good or bad , or if needed to lower or raise.Details o Adding details to your creations will give it depth, a fine finish, and will make it stand out from other builds. Different types of woods and planks, wool colors, and even the use of fences and torches can make a big difference, and can increase the visual appeal of the ship. Pointy sails o Sometimes when people try to o curveo the sails, they end up doing a triangular shape, instead of a curve. This can be modified by having a basic understanding of curves in Minecraft.Equality o By this I mean same size sails. Usually sails decrease in size as they are placed higher in the masts.Full of wind o Most of the time you will want your ship to look as if it was actually sailing, therefore the sails have to look like they are being used.
Since the sail is a flat surface, when the wind hits them, a bulge will be formed, depending on the wind direction.Sails full of windAngled sails o It is a rare thing to see the wind blowing directly from behind the ship.
Even when the wind is blowing directly from behind, it is preferred to turn a few degrees catch the wind at an angle. If you have the wind coming directly from you, only one set of sails is doing the work, and ito s a lot slower than having the whole sail set catching the wind. So basically it is better and more realistic to have angled sails than straight onesStay sails o Stay sails in a ship helps for stability and also to turn the ship.
Adding this to a ship can increase the visual appealing and realism.Driver sail o Some sailing ships with several masts include a driver sail.
This could be a Mizzensail, Spinnaker sail, Lateen sail, or the most common, a Spanker sail.
When making a big ship, one of these can be included.That pretty much covers it up for the guide itself. Again these are some of the most common mistakes that in my opinion, if changed, could make a ship look better. Now on to a more visual walk through where I will be showing every step I take into making a ship.

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