Although there are numerous commercially produced subwoofers available from a variety of manufacturers, those on a budget or serious audiophiles may choose to assemble their own components.
When considering the type of cabinet to make, it is important to establish the correct dimensions.
The first step in building a fiberglass enclosure is creating a form that will serve as the substructure. Location: The Netherlands For bonding (ply)wood to polyester, grind down the gelcoat of the polyester, and glue with epoxy glue. Before you glue the wood to the polyester, coat it several times with epoxy resin, then paint with 2K PU paint.
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When making potentially dangerous or financial decisions, always employ and consult appropriate professionals. Using nothing but his bare hands, some high density foam, glossy black paint, and fiberglass, one modder took his beat up ’78 corvette and resurrected it into the 1989 batmobile.
Not a whole lot of info is available on this one besides the photos, but this Russian modder did some exceptional body work to make his old Mercedes look like a sleek new one.  Perhaps he just used the power of Bondo . By modifying a 1981 Delorean complete with gull-wing rise up doors, you can easily construct your own Back to the Future replica. Location: Michigan I did a seach in the forum and found a link which may give you a head start.
Before you spend anything on plans or go off with your own design, wait for a few more opinions.
With the addition of a rigid deck, the MODULAR BOAT can function as a pontoon bridge, or as a floating platform for various constructions on water. Location: Toronto Can anyone advice me on how to waterproof the wood or apply the fiberglass? Location: Michigan Do a forum search, plus I know there is information in the links I posted. Kamper’s idea resulted in a comfortable, leak-proof concrete-block blind ideal for hunting geese in freezing conditions, and earned an honorable mention in the 2010 Wildfowl Boats and Blinds Contest.
Kamper considered pouring concrete floors and walls, but the estimated cost was $3,000, and the excavated hole would have to be completely dry to perform the job. Kamper found a former union mason looking for a side job, and he formed a plan to build the pit blind out of concrete blocks. They excavated the hole to 18 feet by 10 feet with a depth of 4 feet, allowing room to work around the walls. Four-foot-by-8-foot foam boards bonded to the outside walls with the foundation sealer, providing a cushioning effect against the backfill pressure. After installing the sills, Kamper backfilled the hole with a small tractor and an excavation bucket, pouring bentonite chips around the bottom 4 inches deep. Camouflage-painted artificial Christmas tree limbs fastened on top of military-camo netting help disguise the pit blind. Roof ends were cut as one-piece units from a 16-foot piece of 2-inch-by-12-inch treated lumber.
For roof supports, two pieces of 2-inch-by-4-inch treated lumber connected with 4-inch truss plates were built to have a 12-inch center height, also with angled cuts all the way to the ends. At the back of the roof is an entryway for hunters, made of a cellar door that opens toward the front of the pit. The rest of the roof is covered with more ???-inch-thick fiberglass panels, leaving a 2-inch overhang along the front that is flush with the sill plate in the back.

The dog hole spans 16 inches wide and 18 inches long, while the shooting ports measure 28 inches wide and 30 inches long. A stairway by the entry boasts 32-inch-wide steps cut from 2-inch-by-12-inch treated lumber. The dog box is an elevated plywood platform measuring 40 inches by 40 inches, covered with indoor-outdoor carpet. Electrical power from a nearby farm building runs an aerator to keep a hole open and also lights the blind. If only there was an initiative to innovate a mini dehumidifier that can be readily used in such events then hunting or camping could have never been better.
If you are thinking about wood, for rigidity you should consider building the framing and sheathing as a monocoque unit. I recall seeing a number of EVs whose bodies are constructed of fiberglass reinforced plywood usually with some type of mechanical fastening, usually a through bolted 'L' channel where the planes join.
After you build the monocoque, you can lighten it by judiciously cutting out some of the sheathing and fill partly with rigid insulation.
These photos are of campers that are dimensional lumber, stapled together but it gives you an idea of what the semi finished shell could look like. The sales rep recommended not using foam and fiberglass alone without plywood, due to strength concerns. Based on the quoted sq ft price, the cost for walls and roof for my camper would be around $3000. The founder of Provan was one of the founders of Four Wheel and the two companies have spent some 30 years working on their designs. I note with interest that Four Wheel owns Six Pack Campers and are replacing the wood frames in the latter with their aluminum frames.
The approach used to make refrigerator truck bodies (refers) may be close to optimal for a build going on a real truck. Agree - I am proposing that several companies have used an aluminum frame as an alternative to panels. The refrigerator trucks I have seen don't worry about panels flexing as it is irrelevant - there are few, if any, internal fittings; certainly nothing like cabinets and a shower stall.
BUT, how about this: Design your camper so that your cabinets can flex and bend without breaking. All of that said, I will be the first to confess that I know very little about this kind of construction. Methinks some of the folks in the Mitsubishi Heavy Truck forum should have read and understood this.
For serious home theater enthusiasts, knowing how to build a subwoofer enclosure can provide a custom look perfectly matched to the theater room environment. Designing and building a custom enclosure can create a subwoofer that is perfectly matched to the system and room dimensions. Tetrahedral and octahedral polyethylene tanks are used for constructing the floats including the stem.
At the same site, you will find hundreds of pages of tutorials, plans updates, a forum to share ideas about our boats and thousands of pictures - see completed boats and many of the building steps done by builders like you.
The property has three cells: two have above-ground box blinds and the third serves as a rest area.
After laying the first row of blocks, the men drilled ???-inch holes into the slab and inserted 4-foot-long reinforcing rod stakes, with four stakes in the 14-foot walls and two in the 6-foot walls.
To ensure the roof would lay flat on the sills, wood was cut at angles in each direction from the 12-inch center peak.

On each side of the shooting ports, Kamper added lumber supports, one on the outside edge of the dog hole and one along the front roof seam. Framed out of treated 1-inch-by-6-inch lumber, the door is covered with a ???-inch fiberglass panel that overlaps the roof by 4 inches at the top, keeping water from getting into the pit when the door is closed.
To allow for the roof supports, which have a centerline spacing of 16 inches, the men placed the sheets on sawhorses, marked holes and then cut them with a power saw.
During positioning of the front part of the roof, he pushed it tightly against a 2-inch overhang of the back of the roof. The side and front walls of the pit shape two walls of the dog box, and a 16-inch fiberglass panel forms the other wall. Held down with electrical wire, the faux limbs were tied into bundles and placed over the blind. For a truck that only has a couple thousand pounds available before hitting its GVWR its too heavy. Normal cargo bodies don't worry about twisting as long as the box itself doesn't break or leak. The things I'm thinking about are usually relatively free standing, combining strength and insulation.
Since fiberglass is a very durable material when hardened, it is an excellent choice for speaker enclosures. Subwoofer speaker manufacturers can provide the exact specifications for building a box with the necessary free space.
One man designed and built is own Lamborghini frame, documenting the build with plenty of photos along the way. The number of plastic tanks in the floats may be varied, but it is necessary to secure sufficient buoyancy for the planned tasks. To hold the rods in place and create a tight seal around the wall’s base, they filled the first row of blocks with mortar.
Sill plate anchors were inserted into the mortar, with four plates in each long wall and two plates in each short wall. He installed cross braces of lumber laid flat between the supports on the front and backsides of the roof.
He then fastened the roof’s front portion with the same type of screws as the back, using aerosol foam insulation to seal the joint between the two roof sections. In combination with polycarbonate lids, they provide flexible space for different functions and items: ladder, anchor, seats, tables, stowage, compass, battery containers, etc.
Along the 14-inch walls, the men attached 2-inch-by-12-inch lumber sill plates, with the extra 4 inches for roof overhang to keep precipitation runoff away from the pit. The pit’s inside has a 2-inch-by-12-inch shelf along the length of the shooting area, mounted on T-braces fastened to the base of the sill. To enter, dogs step from the hunter access stairway onto the platform and into the back of the box.
They can be shifted or easily removed and stored, yet they don’t blow off in strong winds. You can also build in cabinet, etc., clearance so that things can flex a bit without tearing themselves apart. While choosing the speaker and electronics may be uncomplicated, many find that the intimidating part of the process is learning how to build a fiberglass subwoofer enclosure.

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