Align the four two-by-eight-inch boards in a square and stand the four-by-four-inch post sections in the corners to create the dock frame.
Screw the two-and-a-half-inch deck screws through the corners of the frame and attach the posts to the boards. Apply the caulking to the barrel seal around the lid after making sure the barrels are shut tightly.
Flip the dock over so the frame and cross beams are sitting on the posts and the top of the structure is up. Building a floating dock with barrels is an economical way to gain access from that small pond or lake shore property. Building a dock (pier) on the farm pond was a little challenge with the pond being full of water. The hardest part was figuring out how to get the posts out in the water in the right location but watch the movie to see how I got this done. Now available is our remade video of the farm pond deck, the floating dock and the floating pier instructions in pdf format and the floating dock plans. Farm Pond Deck, Floating Dock & PierStep by step guide with images and plans to build a floating dock pier and a farm pond deck.This product is electronic delivery so you will receive right away, no waiting for shipping. As for the free temporary foam blocks check out the big box stores that sell the little black trailers, they use the blocks to keep the trailers from scratching each other.

For all Your pond needs feel free to contact us and be sure to check out our all natural pond cleaning products, Pond Dye to Muck Reduction. Darrell, great video, i now understand how to do it, since my pond is filled, wasnt sure exactly what i was going to do. HI Shawn, As for the free temporary foam blocks check out the big box stores that sell the little black trailers, they use the blocks to keep the trailers from scratching each other.
Hi Misty, Big box stores like Home Depot, Lowes, Tractor supply and places were they sell trailers. It was a pleasure to be able to work with a "real person" who has hands on pond experience and is willing and able to answer questions (or research the answers) related to the products I was interested in.
A cheaper option is to make your dock at home using materials found at a lumber yard or big box retailer. Connect the four-by-four-inch boards to the two-by-eight boards using a screwdriver and screws. Put the two-by-four inch support beams horizontally across the width of the frame and spread them out a distance equal to the width of the barrels.
Also check out bottom-aeration Once the water hits 55 degrees I’ll be moving one diffuser under the deck to keep it free of ice and heaving. I have about a 1.5 acre pond and want to put a dock or pier out on it – I think your idea will solve my dilemma of how to do it!

The pond deck provides an area where you can feel like you’re walking out to the middle of the pond, on a hot day jump off and go swimming or just dangle your feet in the water for the Koi pedicure.
Now I don’t think I can say where I got the free floatation devices here on the internet but shoot me an email and I’ll be glad to let you know. The posts will puncture a hole thru the liner or thin layer of clay and create major leaks and a big bummer. The best thing I’ve done was move the diffuser near the deck for winter to keep it from heaving from ice.
Big box stores and the info of little black trailers is a few clues, but I need just a little more. Making the floating dock form recycled plastic barrels is especially cost effective, and upkeep is cheap because individual barrels can be swapped out as needed. Attach the L brackets wherever the two-by-four-inch beams meet the two-by-eight inch boards by using two screws per bracket and attaching one side of the "L" to the two-by-four inch beam and the other to the two-by-eight beam.

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