This boathouse at Millstatter Lake in Seeboden, Carinthia, Austria was designed by MHM Architects as a solitary building by the lake.
He was waterskiing at Bell Aqua, just north of Sacramento, and admiring the homes along the shore — a community of waterskiers with a private lake in their backyards.
Standing in the middle of the hayfield his family has owned for more than 50 years, Thayne points out the location where he plans to build a pair of private ski lakes, divided by 24 to 28 homes, each with a private dock. Thayne envisions Still Water Lake Estates as an upscale, gated community where like-minded water sports enthusiasts can live on the water and ski whenever the weather allows.
Preliminary plans call for parallel lakes to run east-west on 50 acres on the north side of Gentile Street, about a half-mile south of the Jensen Nature Park.
Docks with covered boat slips and hydraulic lifts will keep boats out of the water when they're not in use, he said.
Living at Still Water Lake Estates will be pricey, with the lots alone topping $300,000 — a cost that Thayne says covers the expense of the land and excavating the lakes.
The project has been working its way through the approval process at the city, county and state levels. Rice said city officials are excited about the prospect of having a private ski lake in Syracuse.

Construction of the project could begin as soon as this summer, Thayne said, and it's expected to take about a year to complete. Still Water Lake Estates is the first project of Irben Development, a company organized by Thayne and his siblings and named after their late father, longtime Syracuse resident Irben Thayne, who went by his middle name, John. John and LaVell Thayne left 20 acres of farmland to their children, who at the urging of oldest child Mike, decided to build the private ski community there. The Thayne family always had a boat, Mike Thayne said, and spent a lot of time together on lakes in Utah and surrounding states. Over the years, Thayne became a big fan of competitive skiing, specifically on slalom courses. The skier's challenge is to cut from side to side around all six buoys in succession over a distance of 850 feet.
Lakes like those planned for Syracuse are engineered to dissipate the boat wake after each pass. The section on land is covered with copper panels, and the section over the water is covered with lumber planks.
Because the development will require construction of a dam, the state Water Rights Division must sign off on the project, said Bob Rice, Syracuse city manager.

Residents at Last Chance Lakes near Vernon christened the lakes with their first runs in 2008, and Bear Hollow Lakes opened for private skiing in 2009. Irben Development recently acquired another 60 acres from Syracuse for roughly $1.9 million, including 30 that will be used for the Still Water Lake Estates. On a six-ball slalom course like those envisioned for Still Water Lake Estates, skiers are pulled behind boats traveling down the middle of the course at a constant speed of about 35 mph, Thayne said. If more than two groups are on the water at the same time, they will rotate through the course. Neither the service provider nor the domain owner maintain any relationship with the advertisers. A system set up with flags on the docks "make it very easy to know who's skiing and who's next," Thayne said.
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