Casey Putsch of Putsch Racing designed and build this fully functional replica of Batmobile powered by jet engine. I generally keep my LEGO builds in a separate section of this site, and I seldom inlude them here unless they're all-new designs that I've created.
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Lego brick builder Irwan Prabowo has recently shared what could make for the coolest home-made Lego set so far, a line-up of mini-sized Batmobiles. The Lego mini-batmobile collection might not be as cool as the official Tumbler from the Dark Knight Trilogy the famous Danish toy makers recently released, but it's still quite impressive. However, let us assume you’re a gifted mechanic and you also have some money to spend.
In case all this is too much struggle, however, you could always buy the Batman-like drone.
Its proud owner, Francis, won a Super-Gamer Builds contest in which several talented artists and builders spent seven weeks turning a two-seater go-kart into this one-man crime-fighting vehicle. This thing is so awesome.

I see that there is a lot of talk about the scale of this car and what would it be like as a real car. Your email address will NOT be displayed on this site but is required to confirm the comments entered. Use of anything related to "Batman" on this site is not to infringe upon the copyrights of DC Comics or WB.
I decided to make an exception here for three reasons: first, because technically this has been modified slightly from its original kit with the addition of the fender guns and new wheels to match its appearance in LEGO Batman. We’re talking about the 1966 and 1989 models sitting right next to the Batman Forever car, the Tumbler and the new Batman vs Superman.
The Batman vs Superman batmobile is equipped with a dual front gatling gun, detailed front and rear fenders and scissors-like opening doors.
Then you simply (really?) take the 1989 Batmobile blueprints and build your own real-life replica.
Sadly, most of us will never know the joy of being pulled over in Batman’s ride and having to explain things to the cops.

Just to mention, this Batmobile is regularly registered and insured in USA, so don’t be surprised if you see in on the road. Second, I figured that if it was a unique design that appeared in a non-LEGO video game I'd make sure to build it and add it to the collection, so this one ought to count as well. Prabowo claims he has built these batmobiles with the intention to make them in-scale with mini Lego cars from the Shell promotion. It’s what Australian car enthusiast Zac Mihajlovic probably did, as he made his own full-scale Batmobile and is currently driving terminally ill kids with it.
So maybe we should calibrate our dreams a bit lower – perhaps towards an Arkham Knight Batmobile go-kart like this one.
It’s quite difficult to be original with the black caped superhero nowadays, but it would seem this Lego enthusiast managed to find a way.

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