Great news brick builders, the Build It 4 Kids team will return with another series of LEGO workshops to keep your kids busy during the Easter school holidays. Each workshop introduces science, tech and heaps of brick building fun for children aged 4 plus.
Build It 4 Kids workshops operate every school holiday, run by husband and wife primary school teacher team James and Penny.
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So if you want to create one of Nathan Sawaya’s LEGO Oscar statues, you can now do that with the instructions provided in the LDD file.

Clicking on any of the pictures will enlarge the photo and show the story behind the creation. You can read more about this life-size Star Wars X-Wing Starfighter on the LEGO website, or on either of the source links listed below. The couple came up with the idea to run LEGO workshops, which combine their teaching skills and mutual love of science and creativity. A few resourceful people over on Reddit studied and reverse engineered Nathan Sawaya’s video of him creating the statue frame by frame and has provided a LDD File for people who are interested in creating their own. I highly suggest spending some time reading the stories… these creative kids have some awesome storytelling skills!

Well, of course that isn’t the case, and there has always been an unspoken competition amongst LEGO fanatics for who can build the largest LEGO build. It beat the former world record for the largest LEGO build by 2 million bricks (which was a build of the Mall of America in Minnesota).

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