This giant gooey monster is not alone, he is being proposed with three accompanying Minifigures.
If I was to use a similar ratio of a human compared to the Stay Puft as there is in the movie, That Marshmallow Man would be 68cm or 27 inches tall, which makes this version exactly half scale compared to a minifig.
A theme I've visited before, this time built with SuperStrength (TM) and some cunning solutions. Inspired by the crane model that was illustrated in the ideas pages of the early Technic set instructions, I present to you a biggish and very functional 8-wheel mobile crane. It has 6 wheel steering, whereby the front pair swivel further than those behind, and the rear pair swivel the opposite way.
Underneath, the chassis is a greedy consumer of black beams to give it the strength it needs in use. The classic way to make a crane work - I tried linear actuators and one broke under the strain.
The three piece boom can be augmented by this two piece folding extension carried on the chassis. Henrik Jensen  August 1, 2014 Congratulation on MOTD, I really Line that TECHNIC and SYSTEM combination, great functionality.
I'm a big fan of your construction techniques, particularly things like the cabin roof's method of attachment.

Loek Marcus (summer vacation for 3 weeks)  August 15, 2012 I missed another great creation from you! Rolling bricks  July 10, 2012 I like your classic building style,this MOC is fantastic too. Chris Melby   July 9, 2012 Stopped by for a second look, absolutely killer, it's more modern than it lets on, plus the chain drive on the boom is killer! White Knight   July 9, 2012 My oh My, this is somewhat bigger than your little yellow LandRover I was looking at earlier today. George Staples  July 9, 2012 Very excellent Nick, The boom extension idea is brilliant!
After the Lego CUUSOO Back to the Future project was accepted and announced the idea of a Ghostbusters themed set gained popularity. Feel free to contact us with your MOCs or Custom Minifigures if you would like to see here. It's not modelled on any particular example - this is a generic build that I did my own thing with. The four extending stabilisers work all together from a single control and are designed to spread the load across the strongest parts of the chassis, which is usefully stiff.
A loop of chain runs around the middle of the three boom sections, transmitting the input of the control wheel to the top part.

Definitely the most powerful way to raise a heavy load as it gives so much scope to add parallel racks and gears to provide more strength, spread the load and reduce risk of breakage. I'd imagine you would have to have a pretty good counter weight to hold that boom up at 7ft. The creator of Lego Ghostbusters (21108) is BrentWaller, who has recently proposed a new Ghostbusters set. I'd argue this one is the strongest and has the longest extension though :-) Great work with the shaping and crane boom lifting mechanism!
The control place of the crane has a really good roof and the shape of the driver's place is good, too!
This guy is huge, and when it is taking over your Lego Modular City, who are you going to call?

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