Japanese LEGO craftsman Jun Brick is recreating the famous Japanese battleship Yamato in LEGO (the real WWII-era one, not the space battleship). The Yamato was a nearly legendary bit of engineering and remains an important cultural artifact to the Japanese, something like the way Americans revere the USS Enterprise, our first nuclear carrier.
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Battleship Yamato: Built by third year college student, Jumpei Mitsui, used over 200,000 legos, took 6 years, 4 months to build, is 22 feet long and weighs 330 lbs.
So much so that adults themselves will never be able to give up playing with these imaginative building blocks. He's documented his build-in-progress on his site, which in some ways may be more interesting in the final product, as you can see how much work must go into the superstructure infrastructure necessary to support such a large scale model. Construction on the Yamato began seventy years ago; design work had begun three years earlier.
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That being said, it’s not at all surprising that we hear about all these crazy LEGO constructs.

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