With plenty of sticks, that personally I don’t like, this 2011 set has more than two hundred and fifty pieces and two mini figures. This entry was posted in Harbour and tagged 4643, city, Lego, Power Boat Transporter by pedrolpais. I am building a trailer and don't know what kind of lights to use what kind did you use on your and where did you get them.
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Took about a week to paint, then about 3 days later I found a decal sheet for the boat itself that I could have used instead of going insane cutting all those masks. I really wanted to do a 3 axle design too but I just don't think it would look right, however I might build another trailer since this one is going so quickly. WAYYYYY betterlegobricking1: Was it easy to make?1000Strikerz: did your fishing boat come with 2 fishing poles?

Two mini figures with the Octan uniform (definitely an aspect that could have been better) are responsible for driving the truck and piloting the boat. I bought a Nikko boat about 6 months ago and I was going to covert it to regular electronics and put in a better motor. Unfortunately the side doors are missing, but looking at the cabin’s structure that wouldn’t be possible.
It's actually a bit larger than this boat and I think a 3 axle would look just right under it. This truck can tow almost any kind of trailers, which increases the playability in the town.
At the first look you will wonder if the boat is properly secured, but it fits perfectly with no gaps.
It is easy and fast to build with the particularity of the rear axes are an independent module.

At the front, below the structure, a small and discreet support is built in order to balance the trailer in case of the front truck goes for a ride.At the back there are also two security signs that warn that we are in the presence of a wide vehicle.
Finally, next to the trailer, there are plenty of stocks to store the helmets and the life jackets.
One final note the trailer is pretty good to transport other boats (Lego 4642 has exactly the same size) or even other road vehicles as long as they are not to long.Finally we have the boat.
It has a mono block structure that allows you to try to put on the water but unfortunately it doesn’t have much balance.
Two lowered seats and an aerodynamic windshield give the pilots all the conditions to drive speedy and comfortably.

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