These are the instructions for building the LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars Battle droid on STAP that was released in 2010.
A Pit Droid was a maintenance droid used for manual labor on machines and vehicles like Podracers in the Star Wars theme. I stuck closely to reference from the Clone Wars film, and equipped it with heavy laser cannons as opposed to artillery cannons. The Tri droid looks awesome, the best I have seen ever! The head looks really great, its a great technique to make a circle. These are the instructions for building the LEGO Star Wars Clone Wars Assassin droid battle pack that was released in 2009.
The kit comes with almost a hundred Lego pieces that have been pre-selected and packed into a simple set that contains all the parts needed to build the bot.

Many pit droids were used as pit crews for Podracing events, as well as repairing the racers if they got damaged. Therea€™s so much awesome material to work form in the Star Wars universe and the Clone Wars series has seen some fantastic new additions to the repertoire of vehicles and droids we know and love. Ita€™s still somewhat a work-in-progress as between taking the photos and posting them Ia€™ve been thinking about alternate ways to connect legs to body - so it can stand on it's own - and other different design tweaks. I'm also working on my section of the EB community Venator build too and coming up with alternate landing gear for my Z-95. The best part about it is that it even comes with a manual for building the Android bot so it wona€™t be too much of a brain-buster for novices. The Brick Robot Companion for Android building kit retails for $30 from AbbieDabbies Etsy shop.

Anakin Skywalker's droid has Old Brown foot, arm, and chest pieces, with a Brick-Yellow head plate, back, neck, and ankle joints. Rather than trying to figure out how to make it from a bunch of Lego bricks, you can assemble this Lego-fied Android companion robot from scratch with this Brick Robot Companion building kit.
Each droid also has one part in Black, and one in Transparent Yellow for the photoreceptor.

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