These are the instructions for building the LEGO Make and Create Flying Dino that was released in 2004. LIKECOOL is a web based gadget magazine, we are looking for coolest gadgets, design, tech and more.
These are the instructions for building the LEGO Castle Flying Machine that was released in 1998. I was talking with my brother about potential LEGO projects and Da Vinci machines inevitably came up. As far as we know he never tried to build any of his flying machine concepts, and even though they would not have worked they still capture our imagination today.
This model can be powered manually using the crank at the side of the base or with a motor. If you enjoy our work, or make use of the instructions we create, consider donating to support future projects. Quadcopters are getting cheap, and they’re being built through less conventional means. The quadcopter is fitted with a Go Pro camera so it can record its surrounding environment, as well as a first-person view camera and transmitter so it can beam live images of the flight back to its pilot.

Ed was inspired to build the unit because his GAUI 330x crashed one day and one of the arms broke off. The team has reportedly put the unit through some heavy testing, including hard landings and some flips while flying, but the Lego quadcopter has remained strong.
If you’re up for building one of your own, check out Lego Digital Designer, and then study up on the ArduCopter board. If you’re new to Frugal Fun for Boys, Lego Fun Friday is a twice-a-month Lego feature with a Lego building challenge and blog linky.
This week’s challenge is to build a flying vehicle – a plane, a rocket, a spaceship, or anything!
But first, the next Lego Fun Friday will be March 15th, and the challenge is to use minifigures to create a funny scene.
You can have the latest posts from Frugal Fun for Boys delivered to your inbox every Friday! By all accounts Leonardo Da Vinci was a genius, excelling in many fields of art, engineering and science. C++ programmer Ed Scott and his sons Nicholas and Joshua went with those two trends and built a quadcopter frame entirely out of Lego.

He went home that night and saw his son playing around in Lego Digital Designer — something of Lego CAD software that allows one to plan Lego builds. Ed says he plans to upgrade the build by using standard 2×2 bricks for the legs, rather than current window frame bricks. I was particularly interested in the work he did in engineering, and decided to build a flying machine inspired by his many sketches on the idea of human powered flight. From that, Ed realized he could build a Lego frame and use the motors from the now-broken GAUI.
Ed notes that after the concept was designed, his sons built the frame entirely, then the team glued everything together.

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