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Build a mini model of the game that’s sweeping the Internet with a LEGO® microbuild version of Minecraft! LEGO, the LEGO logo, the Minifigure, DUPLO, BIONICLE, LEGENDS OF CHIMA, the FRIENDS logo, the MINIFIGURES logo, DIMENSIONS, MINDSTORMS, MIXELS, NINJAGO, and NEXO KNIGHTS are trademarks of the LEGO Group. The Snow Hideout (21120) is a medium sized modular set with Steve, a Creeper and the all new Snow Golem.
The Desert Outpost (21121) is a large modular set, with Alex, Steve, a Wolf, and 2 Skeletons. The most exciting thing about The Cave, according to New Elementary, is a single new Lego piece. The early reviews are starting to show up, and are generally forming the opinion that these new sets are great. Two of the best things in the world, Guild Wars 2 and Lego, combine in this Lego Infantile Cloud. Brickstorms is kind enough to host detailed instructions so you too can create an Infantile Cloud. Originally a project proposed at LEGO Cuuso, the set became the first submission to receive both 10,000 votes of support and LEGO's official review approval.  The set looks exactly like a Minecraft build, too, which is kind of worse than a regular LEGO set, but is terrific all the same. SPOILER ALERT – Marvel Collector Corps Captain America Civil War Box – Exclusive Pics! The summer 2015 sets will arrive in August (although you will probably see them pop up a week or two early). In The Cave, you get new square Minecraft themed heads for Steve, the Creeper, and the Spider.
With their new Lego Minecraft 2015 (Minifigure Scale) theme they have been releasing sets early to the fan community for reviews.
The first few Micro World sets capture the spirit and look of the super popular video game, but the tiny Lego pieces and small size were deterrents to the smallest Lego Minecraft fans (and people with large fingers). You’ll need food to survive, so fence in the livestock and channel the flowing water to nurture the crops.

The upcoming Lego Minecraft Microworld: The End (21107) was revealed earlier this year, and is set to hit the market this summer.
Brickstorms is celebrating the Super Adventure Box event in Guild Wars 2 by offering instructions to build your own Infantile Cloud. Feel free to contact us with your MOCs or Custom Minifigures if you would like to see here. For some people the new design is extremely weird, but it is pointed out that the standard round Minifigure head is weird too (when you think about it).
Blast out valuable ores and minerals with the TNT and combine the flowing water and lava to create precious obsidian!
Now, some leaked release details have revealed six new Lego Minecraft themed sets for the future. It is worth a look, and reveals just how much thought and time goes into designing an official Lego set.
The Lego Minecraft Micro World set is easily one of the best selling Lego sets of last year.
The new color allows the piece to be used in many more builds, and will blend in much better in most situations. What is different is that instead of the usual sites getting the exclusive reviews (which normally focus on the AFOL scene), Lego has sent sets out to sites that target to a younger crowd, and famous Minecraft fans. Some, or all of these sets may be the official release of the Minecraft Minifigure scale theme. Minecraft and Lego fans get to vote on various details, such as the shape and articulation of the Creeper, the possible biome settings, etc. In this LEGO micro-world you can build houses and grow the crops, but watch out for the aggressive Zombies that menace the Villagers. Then if you happen to have even more time on your hands you can sign up for a Tested Membership and watch an additional 4 episodes with Will, Norm, and Veronica.
It seems that Lego understands there are two completely different markets for Lego Minecraft. For the past year Lego has been posting regular updates on their Co-Build project over on Facebook, which has been focusing on the Minifig scale.

This is the forth set in the line, and if Lego were to discontinue the theme this would be the perfect release. One of the huge announcements based on community feedback is that the final sets will have no stickers. One could even combine this Infantile Cloud with the Lego Minecraft sets for a truly epic build. Below the village is a mine, so beware of the TNT when you go wandering, as the walls can explode. They start off building a verity of smaller sets, but work their way up to Benny’s Spaceship, a Star Wars AT-AT, and the green Lego Mini.
This is a really interesting direction to explore, and it will more then likely prove to be very popular. Rebuild the set for more LEGO Minecraft creations or combine with 21115 The First Night and other sets in the series for an even bigger Minecraft adventure! This set comes with three buildable Micromob figures: the Pig, the Villager and the Zombie. The new Snow Golem looks extremely goofy, and it’s good to see the famous Minecraft Wolf represented. Nickelodeon, SpongeBob SquarePants and all related titles, logos and characters are trademarks of Viacom International Inc.
Created by Stephen Hillenburg.LEGOLAND and SEA LIFE are part of Merlin Entertainments, plc.
Mercedes-Benz and the design of the licensed product are subject to intellectual property protection owned by Daimler AG.

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