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With Instructables you can share what you make with the world, and tap into an ever-growing community of creative experts. If you love Legos and want to learn how to make an awesome car out of them, you're in the right place! I had all of these creative plans to add trays and turn this into the coolest lego table ever.
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The blocks you will need are A· Seven 3 by 2's A· Three 4 by 2's A· One 4 by 1 A· One 2 by 1 Leto s start off with the neck and head , grab Two 3 by 2o s One 4 by 1 One 2 by 1 Face both the 3 by 2o s at the 2 section towards you.
Whether you made houses, airports, spaceships or pirate ships, there's few construction toys as versatile as LEGO. We provide easy publishing tools to enable passionate, creative people like you to share their most innovative projects, recipes, skills, and ideas.
My kids are loving this table for so many things, including art projects, coloring, and more.
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I think it was a coffee table in a former life, but it was the perfect size to turn into a lego table for my kids. Now for the body and feet, get your Five 3 by 2o s Two 4 by 2o s Stack all the 3 by 2o s on top of each other and thereo s the body. Oh and make sure all the bricks are all green to match the colour of the Creeper, and if you want draw a Creeper face on the Creepers head.

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