The solution to this problem seemed simple enough; just build a dedicated area for Lego play and building. Besides utilizing unused space, I also wanted to implement the design in a way that would allow for a little more creativity during building. The actual attachment of the MDF board uses short drywall screws to fasten all the pieces in the exact locations needed. After getting all the MDF boards in place and making some final double checks on the placement I moved forward with gluing the Lego plates onto the MDF support boards. With all the plates installed, and the Lego bricks at all the edges lining them up, I let everything dry overnight. In order to facilitate easier builds and to get all the bins of Lego spread throughout my house into one place I bought an Ikea Trofast organizer with bins and put it up right under the build area, this allowed for easy and quick access to all my Lego bricks and makes building an ease.
The biggest problem I ran into during this whole project is that there were a couple of spots where the wall geometry is not perfect and square, so I just kind of had to make due and roll with it. The creative blogger at B-Inspired Mama uses vertical storage and wall space (instead of your kiddo’s bedroom floor!) with this fun way to store LEGOs.
If your LEGO-loving kid wants a way to proudly display his favorite minifigs, take notes from mom Abby over at 4 One More. Can you imagine the look in your little one’s eyes if you turned his or her bedroom into a wall-to-wall LEGO haven? Designed by a mom and dad who needed a solution to cleaning, containing and controlling their kids’ LEGOs, this amazing bag acts an activity mat, cleanup, storage and carryall solution in one.
I agree to Shutterstock's Website Terms, Privacy Policy, Licensing Terms and to receive emails that I can opt out of at any time. Orvieto, Italy - January 16th 2015: Lego mini figure boy gives flowers to his girlfriend in St. Orvieto, Italy - January 25th 2015: Lego mini figure Worker of urban municipal recycling garbage collector. Orvieto, Italy - January 28th 2015: Multiethnic Group of Friends Lego mini figure Taking Selfie build.
Muenster, Germany - November 24th 2013: A group of four various astronaut lego mini characters isolated on white. Muenster, Germany - June 18th 2014: A group of five various lego mini characters isolated on white.
All plans come as a Standard license, and can be upgraded to an Enhanced license at any time. This often means pulling out the bins of Lego bricks and clearing a spot on the floor or a table and having at it.
Only one small hitch, my house isn’t big enough to devote an area for just Lego play. Don’t get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with a big flat space of Lego plates but I wanted something a little more than that.

My basement was the ideal place in my house since it was already my principle domain and a favorite spot for all kinds of Lego, computer and general geekery projects. Using a very thin amount of Liquid Nails and spreading it with an old plastic card across the surface, I put each board in place one by one. I really enjoy the new things I can do with the vertical and inverted building that I had not played with before.
You love that those colorful little bricks get your master builders thinking outside the box, but the failed attempts to keep them all in one place is almost as painful as when you step on one… with bare feet… in the dark (Psst! Get yourself to the local DIY store, pick up a package of plastic bins and just like that, you’ll have an easily accessible solution to your kid’s brick collection.
Using materials that are a cinch to grab from the hardware or discount store, label each bucket with a white paint marker and then sort, sort, sort!
When Michelle from That Mommy Blog was looking for a storage solution for her son’s exploding brick collection, she came up with this ingenious Adjustable Height DIY Lego Table and Storage Unit, which can be used forever! After listening to her boys say they wanted a color-coded sorting system, Jen of I Heart Organizing looked around and decided the IKEA Trofast system was the best way to go. Believe us, once one of those suckers disappear, the chances of re-building that set are slim to none. She upcycled a few frames from the local thrift store, had her kids pick the paint colors and, with the help of one incredible tube of glue, made a super clever and chic way to store LEGOs. Everyone who signs up gets full access to our entire library, including our curated collections. Our Standard license allows you to use images for anything, except large print runs over 500,000+ or for merchandising. Once you have downloaded your image, you have life-long rights to use it under the terms of the license purchased.
With bricks flying and hands madly building it’s only a short time before robots, dinosaurs and all kinds of fun Lego creations are scurrying about. So I started thinking, I needed an area that I could use as a Lego build area and never take it down, but I didn’t have any more space.
Since I was going to be building on a vertical surface now I thought why not take it one step further and add some Lego plates to the ceiling as well. I evaluated a couple of the walls and corners and ended up choosing one that I felt offered the best design possibilities. The key to making the system removable in the future is to not apply Liquid Nails around the areas where the screws are, this way if you want to remove the system you can break the Lego plates off the MDF support boards and then just unscrew the MDF boards from the wall.
Once each section was done I used 2×4 Lego bricks to align each plate and make sure they were the exact distance apart, so you could seamlessly build from one plate to another.
I lasted all of about 37 seconds before I had my bins of Lego in front of me and was building away exploring the different surfaces and things I could do. My house was unfortunately built over 60 years ago, so I’ll cut it some slack for being off an eighth inch here and there.

We love the way Heidi over at Happiness is Homemade used her err… block, when it comes to LEGOs.
Using a tackle or jewelry-making box (snag one at your local crafting store) with tons of tiny compartments makes it easy to have a place for each little accessory: from food to sidekicks, tools and more. We love the fact that Michelle covered one side of the shelf with green baseplates, and left the other smooth for the option of building without baseplates.
LEGO boards cover the walls of this room, from floor to ceiling, so kids can build with or against gravity. The smaller sizes work great for travel and bringing LEGOs to and from the bedroom and kitchen table. If at any time you're unsatisfied with your experience with us, you can cancel your subscription. While a standard corner would suit this project just fine I had a small area in one corner that jutted out and offered a couple of extra surfaces to work from. This is an important step, because if you didn’t align the plates before the Liquid Nails dried you would not have the correct alignment to build across plates. Plus, every creation becomes an integral part of the play space architecture until a new construction is made. Why couldn’t I just get some Lego plates and stick them to the wall and build on the wall, seems like that could be pretty cool way to do it.
I thought that by having both a vertical and inverted surface to build on it would change things up a bit and offer the chance to do things I had not done before, plus it was just more space that was sitting there going unused, so why not. From the ultimate table to hardware store hacks, there’s a fix for your brick explosion here. I toyed around with this idea in my head a little bit and eventually decided that if I was going to build a permanent Lego area on the wall I wanted it to be both functional and aesthetically pleasing. I spent some time tinkering around in my head what I wanted the layout to look like before I finally came to a decision.
I ended up choosing the blue plates since I thought they offered a nice contrast to my wall color, though the green probably would have been just fine too.
Just in case I ever sell the house and some crazy non-Lego loving person moves in; they can always take it down. I had saved up a birthdays and Christmases worth of Lego gift cards and took off to my local Lego store to buy the plates.

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