Construction began in 2004, and the Burj (meaning "tower") is projected to be completed in 2009.
Several other mega-projects in various states of planning and construction may vie for the title of "tallest structure".
Another proposed super tall skyscraper, the Murjan Tower in Manama, Bahrain is planned to be 1,022 m (3,353 ft) tall with 200 floors.
Also potentially competing with the Burj Dubai is the proposed 1,001 m (3,284 ft) Mubarak al-Kabir Tower to be erected in Kuwait as part of a massive development project called Madinat al-Hareer ("City of Silk") that also includes an Olympic stadium, residences, hotels, and retail facilities. Ascher explains that the same principle that allows a building to get taller also accounts for its ability to sway. Some buildings, like the Comcast Center in Philadelphia, are equipped with liquid-filled dampers, which help counteract the sway.
In addition to structural concerns, engineers have to worry about the inside of skyscrapers. I wonder how it could it be possible such massive giant structure, i just wanna appreciate the planning of the architects and engineers who has built those tallest towers.
Both of these buildings, the Taipei tower and the Burj Khalifa are the most admirable buildings ever built.
A lot of new building were built in the last few years, the Burj Dubai building is gorgeous and will keep it`s title as the tallest building in the world for a lot of years. I have always been passionate about architecture and travel as well and I have seen most of the tallest buildings in the world but sadly, I never went to Dubai to see the the Taipei tower.
I think at this point in time no one beats the Burj Dubai for being the tallest skyscrapers building in the world.
Engineers really need to think outside the box in order to maintain the day to day functions of everyday affairs like plumbing and flushing because the height causes all sorts of problems.
The history has shown no limitation stops man, so if engineers decide to built higher skyscraper, they surely would solve such problems.

One of Burj Dubai's potential competitors is a proposed tower only 50 kilometers (31 miles ) from the Burj Dubai site. The famous skyscraper was the world's tallest building — and held that title for more than 40 years. She tells Fresh Air's Terry Gross that engineers purposefully design buildings to sway back and forth in order to alleviate the pressure caused by these high wind flows. Joints at the corner of steel beams can expand and contract because of changes in the weather or wind, which allows for slight movements at the very top of buildings. In a 100-plus story building, circulating clean air and water is not an easy task — particularly when windows don't open. Such towers can't be stood by any ordinary architect but all the measurements need to be done well for the building to stand.
I have been to Burj Khalifa once, and the view from one of the top floors is simple awesome. I am currently visiting the France gites and I am planning on taking a trip to the United Arab Emirates.
I think if the windows were open at the top, the winds would cause doors to slam so hard they might just break apart. From ground to tip of spire the Sears Tower is still taller than the Taipei 101, however from ground to top of roof the Taipei does win.
This means that the Burj Dubai is officially taller than the antenna on the Sears Tower at 527 m (1,729 ft), however, until Burj Dubai is officially completed, Taipei 101 continues to hold the title as the world's tallest building.
Al Burj ("The Tower"), is being developed by Nakheel Properties who are also keeping the project's final height tightly under wraps.
China's Shanghai World Financial Center, meanwhile, was built with a hole at the very top of its structure.
Mechanical areas exist solely to swap inside air with circulating air outside, says Ascher, so you don't have to worry that you're breathing stale air.

The new plans for the Al Burj building look great, a 1200 m building needs to be constructed using the latest technologies. I have heard a lot of things about the architectural wonders in Dubai and I want to get the chance to see them with my own eyes. The Taipei 101 is the first and currently only habitable building in the world to break the half-kilometer mark in height.
It stretches more than 1,000 feet above the Empire State Building — 2,717 feet into the air.
Even on a normal day, wind forces can reach more than 100 mph at the very top of very tall buildings.
The aperture is designed to reduce wind pressure by allowing wind to flow freely through it. Only construction companies can never make such mega-structures but they need to help of IT services. However, a tower currently under construction known as "Burj Dubai" is going to do away with any controversy so completely that there will be no doubt as to which is the world's tallest building.
The Burj Khalifa smashed the record held by Taiwan's Taipei 101, a landmark skyscraper with 101 floors.
At present we can find lots of such infra-structures all over the world and with coming days there are more inventions to look forward.

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