There's nothing like kids science projects where you build a solar system model from scratch. To build a solar system model, you'll need to get some modeling clay and roll them round into balls of various sizes for the Planets.
Horst Bruckmann BuildupBuild-up of the Velociraptor skeleton model (right) on Horst Bruckmann's Dinosaur model Collection website. The Ford Model A frame was designed for a 40 horsepower engine in a car with a top speed of 60 mph.
Here is what you need to construct a dimensionally correct Model A frame from strong new, readily available rectangular steel tubing to provide a strong backbone for your Hot Rod, Street Rod or Rat Rod. Model A frames made with these RodPlans will be much stronger than a boxed original Model A frame. While these plans are designed to produce a frame for 1928 to 1931 Model A Fords, the frame will also work on many other cars of the same era with little or no modifications, or to replace Model A frames used in many hot rods built over the years. How to turn that standard rectangular tubing into frame rails of the correct shape and profile to properly fit your street rod, hot rod, or Model A restoration. You will receive professionally drawn, fully-dimensioned engineering drawings that show every aspect of Model A Frame construction. Just click on the Buy Now button below and your Model A Frame RodPlans will be sent to you promptly by return mail.
Modeling a plant cell can prove to be a fun way to know the structure and functions of its organelles. Cells serve as the building blocks in the structural and functional organization of living beings. Depending on the fundamental structure of the cell, all living organisms are grouped into two broad divisions termed prokaryotes and eukaryotes. Plants belong to the group of multicellular eukaryotes, and they possess the ability to synthesize sugar in the presence of sunlight. Given below is a simple procedure to construct a plant cell model from some easily available items which can be used to represent the different organelles.
In a 12A—12 inch baking tray, pour some lime jello mixture (or any other green-colored jello mixture) to represent the cytoplasm. Cell wall is a strong but flexible structure surrounding the membrane, and provides external support to the membrane and the cell as a whole.

Cytoplasm is a gel-like structure that holds together all the internal structures of a cell. To represent the nucleus, take a tennis ball, and push it gently into the jello, in one corner of the tray. Cut out a circular slice from a large marshmallow, and place it in the corner opposite to the nucleus to show the vacuole. Arrange sugar-coated candy belts around the tennis ball to show endoplasmic reticulum (ER). Take some sugar-coated candy belts of a different color than that used for ER, and place them in concentric curves. Golgi apparatus is another intricate network of membranous stacks, and is involved in protein modification.
Chloroplasts are the food-making organelles of the plant cell since they are the site for photosynthesis. In the spaces left in the cytoplasm, place 2-3 candy fruit slices (preferably yellow-colored) to denote the mitochondria.
Mitochondria are known as the powerhouses of cells since these organelles are involved in the synthesis of energy in the form of ATP (adenosine triphosphate).
Have fun!You can see lots of ways to find out more about the Sun and the Solar system, in our page on space for kids which includes:ideas for all ages, including High Schoolthe best websites, including NASA's Space Place which answers questions like What is a Black Hole?space party food!
I believe this is the first of the Kaiyodo Dinoland resin model skeleton kits and is a classic.
How to cut and install opening doors in a fiberglass body, build a custom fiberglass dash, modify a fiberglass grille shell, replace kingpin bushings, street rod wiring tips and much more! The current article provides an easy way to build your own plant cell model using simple decorative material as well as edible treats like jello, candy and jelly beans. The structural and functional complexity of prokaryotes is less as compared to eukaryotes, with the main difference being the absence of nucleus in prokaryotes.
Place 2-3 such sets of belts in the jello cytoplasm to show the Golgi apparatus of the cell. They play a vital role in several metabolic processes of the cell, especially during seed germination.

Make sure you understand the function of every organelle so that explaining the model to your friends becomes as much fun too! Being  a hand-made garage kit and therefore produced in very small quantity, it likley sold out quickly and is now nearly impossible to find. In addition to the drawings, you also will receive a Bill of Materials and full assembly instructions. Their cells comprise additional organelles specific for photosynthesis as well as rigidity. Roll some dark brown clay into a tube, and place it on the edges of the tray to indicate the cell wall.
Refrigerate this assembly till the jello is wobbly but firm enough so it will not break or fragment. I've put the paper mache recipe instructions here.Paste strips of newspaper all over your balloon. John Carlson, President of Monstrosities and the sole importer of Kaiyodo kits to the USA during the 1990's, told me he was unable to secure any stock of the Kaiyodo kit. In May 2011 I finally obtained an excellent recast version—see below for details.The model measures ~55 cm from nose to tail tip, which sounds large but the model is surprisingly small and delicate. The recast is characterized by numerous flat tabs and bars that act as sprues and part connectors. It is also of it's time, so is missing a furcula (wishbone) and it also has a complex chest structure inspired by the early drawings of Gregory S. Apart from that it's flawless!After looking for a copy of this "Holy Grail" for 8 years I'm delighted with this recast.
Although they were never part of Shgeru's sculpts, there are no scleral rings (eye bones), which is a pity as this would have properly completed the model in my opinion. Like all Kaiyodo skeleton models it was cast in of-white resin and the bones have a roughened and aged fossil patina.

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