Established in 1992, Southland specializes in the manufacturing of pontoon boats and recently of HRV ground and water (kind of hybrid recreational vessel which can go on water and ground).
Southland distributes its products all over the word through a network of dealers or distributors.
Southland believes that the best advertising is made by a satisfied customer who recommends the product that he bought.
Each of our ten different lines of pontoon boats is available in 2 to 3 possible set-up which means that thirty models of pontoon boats are offered in total.
The superior design of Southland pontoon boats doesn’t happen by chance, but is the result of an on-going research and development. The tubes of Southland’s pontoon boats have four, five or even six sealed air chambers, isolated one from the other by a solid baffle which adds rigidity to the tubes. The full camper top of Southland’s pontoon boats covers the entire floor, which means that it is anchored from the very front bumper and covers the part in front of the railing. Take the comforts of your backyard deck with you with this novel home-built version of a pontoon boat!
I'm building an aluminum pontoon houseboat, and wanted to post some construction tips, pictures, and details to help others who are considering building their own houseboat.A note to IAN, I am ready to start posting pictures and stories about construction of my pontoon house boat.
My wife and I are considering buying a boat, and a typical 22'-24' party barge with aluminnum pontoons seems like it would meet about 80% of our needs. The Northwest School of Wooden Boatbuilding is located along the waterfront of the six-acre Port Hadlock Heritage Campus. We offer hundreds of books, boatbuilding plans, fairly hard-to-find tools, model kits and more, much of it geared for the DIY (do it yourself) folks. Place Pad is online floor plan design services doesn’t ask home user to enter floor plan measurement value.
There are a number of reasons you might choose to build an aluminum boat over a more traditional wooden boat plan.
Aluminum boats are lightweight, which makes it much easier to haul in and out of the water. Cope Aluminum Boat Designs has over the last nine years produced 10 designs for Coastal Craft, ranging in size from 25ft to 56ft. Additionally, aluminum boats are designed for ease of use, and often use less fuel than other types of boats, making for a cost effective way to spend your time on the water.
Location: Arizona For shear speed I would just copy one of the fiberglass cat designs, but in aluminum instead of 'glas. Start to aluminum pontoon boat building plans make that take a trailerable trimaran all the way down to the Gulf blowing in the.
The company’s mission is to manufacture the nicest, safest and most versatile pontoon boats available. At Southland our mission is to carefully design and manufacture leisure goods that will meet top quality and performance standards to insure that your hours spent on the water are safe and pleasurable. Southland carries ten different lines of pontoon boats, from its top-of-the line CHAMPAGNE SX, CHAMPAGNE, MAJESTY SX, MAJESTY, MISTRAL, FISHING DLX to basic FLY SE, with the standard models being the DIAMOND, FISHIND STD and HORIZON. The only way to make this possible is to put on the market the best products, here, the best pontoon boats, of high quality.

If you add the various dimensions and the four colours available for each model, you can see how wide is the range of Southland products. To improve our different models, our Design Department is constantly looking for the best colours, the top-of-the-line design, the most resistant vinyl and the finest accessories. Most of our competitors put only two sections, which makes for a weak and less secure pontoon, because if you perforate a section, it will take on water. Many competitors stop their full camper top at the railing and add a section to cover the space between the railing and the bumper. If you have the skills to build a gazebo and a deck, I guess now you can build your own pontoon boat too!
I am sorely tempted to either look for a third log with integrated fuel tank, or a newer transom like the one shown above. At rest into the project with no metal Al Boatbuilding society aluminium boat building manufacture a wide range of bespoke aluminum commercial and leisure craft.
During the last few years Sacs Marine expended dramatically and is now one of the largest directory of boats and yachts for sale. For more information, check out ourA Boat Building main page, or click here for more information on do it yourself boat plans. You might also be interested in finding out more about other types of boat building projects, such as wooden boat plans or learning how to build a sailboat.
At Cope Aluminum Boat Designs we understand the design requirements for successful series production boatbuilding in aluminum. Building an aluminum boat is no easy task, but can be well worth the effort for ambitious hobbyists.
I would prefer that the pontoon sections would fit in to each other to get the size I want.
Southland offers to water-based recreation enthusiasts, couples, families, fishermen, young and less young people, a line of pontoon boats that appeals to all tastes and meets all needs. The models are available in lengths of 16? to 28’ (although it could come longer on request). With many sections, there is almost no water at infiltrating the perforated section because the others keep on floating.
And in case the builder decides he wants to go out fishing alone, he included a remote-controlled trolling motor that is installed under the table in the gazebo, as well as a Lowrance Fish-Finder, and two electric winches with 40 lb anchors. Will that transom provide any buoyancy (it is watertight at the seams, I realize the top is open), and I also realize that the weight of fuel will minimize any effects. Houston, Tx Kurt11-05-2004, 11:36 PMI am planning on turning a jon boat into a bass boat and i would like to have a center console with stearing. Building a yacht at Berkeley Marine Center gives the boat owner the opportunity to be as informed and as involved in the construction process as they'd like. They appear to be using a very simple design that doesn't require a lot of fabrication or custom materials, just aluminum sheet and a simple extrusion.
Originally Posted by marshmat Stonebreaker- the photo you posted earlier is indeed a fairly simple hull design; it has to be, since aluminum doesn't like compound curves. I figure the plastic would be light weight and easy to maintain, and being able to easily connect them together would simplify the construction process.

Southland has become a leader for reliability and versatility due to the high quality of its pontoon boats allied to its flexibility in meeting specific requirements.
We offer a choice of various interior settings along with four different colour combinations. Many features described in the following paragraphs will prove you the quality of Southland’s pontoon boats.
In fact, Southland is to achieve any particular set up, the only limitation being the technical restrictions of a project. But my current setup is a non-watertight transom and the wood mount needs replacing..and Im a fan of upgrading when I can! Svenson's - welcome, enjoy your visit!, Welcome to the home of free boat and model airplane plans. Usually the boats had either wooden topsand a fiberglass hull or the boats had wood trim bright work to accent the boats interior.
In addition I would not use the classic plankwood tyed to the pontoons but rather a cat type hull where the hull is build in to the pontoons as one piece.
To screw the floor at every 8” allows Southland to provide a limited lifetime warranty against the deck’s warping and delaminating. Providing Propulsion: My parents started boating with a wooden homemade rowboat and these oars when I was a young boy. Place Pad online floor plan service still in beta stage and required silverlight installed on your computer.
One exceedingly vocal person bought 2nd or 3rd hand pontoons and they appear to have been home modified by him or someone before him. They are built with the utmost care, which is part of an extensive quality control process. This style boat usually has a long front deck with the engine forward and seating all the way in the back. Shelby offered to help him in anyway he could and even offered to buy these used pontoons as well but he has not received any man to man communication from this person who prefers to bad mouth a distinguished businessman whom he has not bought any product from.
This boat builder is constantly striving to improve its products and offers a complete line of pontoon boats from the most inexpensive to the most sophisticated. Of blood Plans DIY Dollhouse DIY Toys DIY Crafts gun place of extraction plans woodworking cradle Wooden gun cradle plans plans sailboat direct of origin plans Sir Henry Wood infant cradle plans place of origin plans.
He may have little or no education in nautical matters and this failure may be affecting his self esteem. Like I previously said, I can't help but wonder why he would rather attack than accept a really professional offer to reconcile this matter. I can only conclude that if Shelby's products are bought new and used as they are intended to be used there should be little or no problem with them. Go ahead click the book and sign-up, it's free and filled with great articles, tips, information and website updates.

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